Get Your Own Pet Banshee at The Rookery in Pandora

Get a pet banshee at The Rookery inside Windtraders at Pandora – The World of Avatar

The new Pandora – The World of Avatar will take guests on a high-flying adventure on the back of a mountain banshee in the new attraction Avatar Flight of Passage. Soaring on the back of one of these banshees represents an important rite of passage for the Na’vi. Disney’s Animal Kingdom guests will soon get to connect with the animal in a similar way at The Rookery inside Windtraders merchandise store.  

“We love bringing to life stories from our attractions through creative and innovative product designs,” said Cody Hampton with Disney Parks Merchandise. “Banshees are an important animal on Pandora, both as an animal in the ecosystem and as a cultural symbol to the Na’vi. Disney’s Animal Kingdom will also feature a Na’vi River Journey Ride where guests get a chance to cruise through a Pandora jungle. They are also part of one of the signature attractions, so it felt natural to feature them as a must-have souvenir from a visit to Pandora. These banshees are fun, interactive and continue the excitement guests will feel when experiencing [Avatar Flight of Passage].” 

Connect with banshees at The Rookery inside Windtraders merchandise store

At The Rookery, guests will be able to pick a banshee from among 10 unique styles. The banshees offer three ranges of motion – mouth, head and wings, all controlled by the hand. The banshees will also show off their voices by making authentic banshee sounds.  

“We worked closely with [Lightstorm Entertainment] when designing the banshees,” said Cody. “Their colors were inspired by banshees seen in the Avatar motion picture. Their sounds make them feel as though they flew directly into Windtraders from the attraction. Guests will determine each banshee’s personality through a combination of hand movements and sounds.”  

The banshees can either sit on a guest’s shoulder or be cradled in their arms.  

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Orlando, FL – 5/16/17

By: Jena Pugh 


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