Meet Gaston at New Fantasyland and Enjoy ‘Biceps to Spare’

When Walt Disney World ® announced plans for the new Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom ® we knew we were going to get even more magic than we already had but we had no idea how immersed we would become in some of Disney’s ® most popular animated movies. From niche restaurants to rides that take you ‘under the sea’ the new Fantasyland has it all, including a new meet-and-greet with the narcissistic and buff Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Guests wanting to be completely immersed in the fairytale world of “Beauty and the Beast” can now experience all of the characters of the movie, including the bad guys, or shall we say, bad guy from the hit film. After you are magically transported from Maurice’s cottage to the Beast’s Library for a ‘tale as old as time’ storytelling experience by Belle and Lumiere in Enchanted Tales with Belle you can meet her annoyingly handsome and overly muscular suitor, Gaston in Belle’s Village.

Not a man of humility, Gaston can usually be found roaming around his bronze statue, which he donated to the town square that sits outside of the tavern appropriately titled, Gaston’s Tavern. And while Belle may have “Dismissed! Rejected! Publicly Humiliated!” him you certainly won’t want to, as Gaston is one of the more popular characters to meet and pose for photos. Just like you’d expect, he’s pompous, snobby, handsome, and surprisingly super fun to chat with.

As a specimen, yes he’s intimidating. Dressed in his signature red shirt and green pants with gorgeous slicked black hair, Gaston stands a stunning 6+ feet tall. And if his height doesn’t make you stare his bulging muscles that barely fit inside his shirt certainly will. His voice is just as deep and booming as you’d expect (but it still makes you stop in your tracks for a second) and he can be heard quoting many of the same lines he says in the movie. When he’s not quoting he’s flexing his “biceps to spare.” Whoever plays Gaston in this meet-and-greet plays the part very, very well as he is one of the funniest characters to meet in the new Fantasyland, always saying goodbye quips like “The pleasure is all yours.”

After snapping a photo with the egocentric character, make sure you grab a drink with him at his tavern, where you’ll find even more self-absorbed photos of the buff hunter hanging on the walls. Gaston’s Tavern is decorated just like it is in the movie, with antlers everywhere, dart boards and dart thrown into the wall. But the piece that really takes center stage is a giant portrait of Gaston proudly holding his hunting gun with his devilish grin that stares back at patrons.

For a chance to meet one of Disney’s ® most loved bad guys at the New Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom ®, look for discounted Magic Your Way ® tickets right here on Best of Orlando.

Orlando, FL – 01/21/13

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