Trade LEGO Mini Figures at LEGOLAND Florida

Do you remember trading baseball cards when you were younger? There was always something so exciting about sitting with your friends and negotiating which card you’d trade for another you thought was more important to your collection. Well, now your kids can enjoy the excitement of trading too LEGO-style with, LEGO Minifigures (Minifigs) trading at LEGOLAND Florida!  

Trading minifigs is a big part of the fun of visiting LEGOLAND Florida although many park-goers don’t know about the tradition. The idea is similar to Walt Disney World’s ® pin trading, except instead of trading pins with cast members you’re trading mini LEGO figurines.

Any Model Citizen will trade; you just have to make sure you have a complete minifig. They have to include a head, body, & legs. Accessories like surfboards, hats, hair, and other additional parts are not needed for trading. If you trade with a Model Citizen and accessories are included, you are in luck!

Here’s how it works when you bring a minifig from home or buy one in the park you can exchange it for any of the minifigs Model Citizens, otherwise known as LEGOLAND Florida employees throughout the day, as many times as you wish. You may also trade with other guests if they choose to, but only staffers have to surrender their minifig when asked.

Instead of wearing LEGO minifigs on a lanyard or pouch like Disney ® employees do with their pins, Model Citizens display them on their nametags. Each is a little bit different but generally Minifigures consist of three separate parts -- legs, torso and head, though in some cases hair and accessories are also removable attachments. Some even feature multiple minifigs. The figures come in a wide array of characters, from boxer to lumberjack to zookeeper.

If you don’t already own a minifigure, you can purchase one at any of LEGOLAND Florida’s stores for $2.99 each. That’s when you can decide if you want to keep your minifigure or trade it for a new one.

LEGOLAND Minifigures have become so popular guests have favorite characters and specific series they are always searching for. Some of the most wanted minifigures include Zombie, from Series 1, Tribal Hunter from Series 1, Spartan Warrior from Series 2, Forestman from Series 1, Nurse from Series 1, Cowboy from Series 1, Robot from Series 1, Vampire from Series 2, Ninja from Series 1, Super Wrestler from Series 1, Caveman from Series 1, Circus Clown from Series 1, Magician from Series 1, Spaceman from Series 1, Tribal Chief from Series 3, Maraca Man from Series 2, Skater from Series 1, Cheerleader from Series 1, Pharaoh from Series 2 and Samurai Warrior from Series 3. DC Universe, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars minifigs are also hugely popular.

To get into the minifig trading game look for discounted LEGOLAND Florida tickets right here on Best of Orlando and start trading!

Orlando, FL – 11/13/12


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