Holy Land Experience

Take a trip back in time to the ancient stories of the Bible and experience an insider trip into the beginnings of Christianity at the Holy Land Experience. From the moment guests walk through the gates of the “walled city” guests will be immersed in ancient Jerusalem. The structures and exhibits at the Holy Land Experience characterize the style, architecture and settings that existed in the Holy Land two thousand years ago. From The Garden Tomb, to The temple of the Great King, The Holy Land Experience provides its guest with a clearer understanding of their biblical significance.

The power of the Holy Land Experience comes through its one-of-a-kind featured exhibits that provide firsthand, experiential learning environments that captivate through sight, sound and touch. One of the Holy Land’s featured exhibits includes “A Day in the Life of a Monk”. Opened on August 19th of 2002, this exhibit allows guests to journey through a monastery and experience the live and activities of medieval monks whom God used to keep his words alive through the annals of time. Through this experience guests will see how these devoted Monks committed themselves to the daily disciplines of work, prayer, reading and meditation. This special exhibit features hand-copied Bibles and manuscripts from the dark ages.

Perhaps one of the Holy Land Experience’s biggest and most popular exhibit is the Scriptorium Center for Biblical Antiquities. Here guests can tour a museum with a non-secretarian library/research center that houses the priceless Van Kampen Collection consisting of several thousand manuscripts, scrolls and other religious artifacts.

Another of Holy Land Experience’s popular exhibits is the Calvary’s Garden Tomb where guests can follow the Via Dolorosa which is the road on which Christ carried the cross to Calvary’s Garden Tomb. Many guests enjoy resting, praying and reflecting on the importance of the tomb as they tour the scene of the crucifixion. Atop t he hill stands the crosses of Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified.

Founded by Marvin Rosenthal, a Baptist minister who was born Jewish, the Holy Land Experience was purchased for $37,000,000 by Trinity Broadcasting Network in June 2007. Trinity Broadcasting Network hopes to upgrade the facility by adding additional attractions including a movie studio to produce Christian films, and a television studio for its recently purchased WHLV-TV.  

Enjoy the fun and excitement of the Holy Land Experience with educational, inspirational and theatrical exhibits  you won’t soon forget!

Holy Land Experience

Open 10am - 6pm Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays.

4655 Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32811

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The exhibits are educational, inspirational, theatrical and historical.

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The Holy Land Experience is the world's first living, historical and biblical museum.