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Kennedy Space Center

Feel the rumble of a lift off on the Shuttle Launch Experience, journey through space in the IMAX theaters with Hubble 3D, and meet a real veteran NASA astronaut who was one of the few people on this Earth to travel through space. At Kennedy Space Center you have the rare opportunity to learn about the brilliant engineering behind the magnificent rockets and telescopes that make space travel possible.

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Adult (Ages 12+)

Gate Price: $50.00 + tax $3.50 = $53.50
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Child (ages 3-11)

Gate Price: $40.00 + tax $2.80 = $42.80
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Adult (Ages 12+)

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Child (ages 3-11)

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About Kennedy Space Center

It has been said that NASA put a man on the moon with less technology than you have on your smart phone and at Kennedy Space Center you can find out just how that is possible! With regular admission, you will have the opportunity to explore the expertly designed telescopes, rockets, and launch pads not to mention admission into the IMAX theaters and Astronaut Encounters.  But to get the full space experience, it’s the Space Plus Passes that allow you full access to all of the attractions including Lunch With An Astronaut and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Shuttle Launch Experience:

If you have ever wondered what a shuttle launch feels like for an astronaut, the Shuttle Launch Experience cannot be missed!  Your heart will be racing when you hear a voice come over the speaker say, “3…2…1…Lift-Off”.  Suddenly your seat will begin to rumble and you will feel as if you are zooming at lightning speeds outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.  The lighting through the window changes from bright to dark and you will believe that you are actually traveling through space.

Astronaut Encounter:

Ever been in the presence of a real NASA astronaut?  Well, here is your chance at KSC.  Every day at Kennedy Space Center guests have the opportunity to listen to the stories of space travel from a man or woman who actually experienced a voyage to space.  The seminar style encounter allows plenty of time for any questions, so bring your thinking caps because you don’t get an opportunity like this every day!



Departure Day:
Admission is not valid for shuttle launch days.

Hours of Operation:
9am - 6pm

Departure Time:
All-day experience. Arrive any time between Center opening and closing times.

Tour Length:
Walk at your own pace.

Pickup/Drop-Off Location:
At Kennedy Space Center.
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32815

Arrive at location and then travel by foot around the premise.

Meals Included:
None (with KSC Admission Ticket). Lunch With An Astronaut (with Space Pass).

Best Known For:
Seeing the amazing history and technology behind NASA and outer space exploration.

Additional Info:
Admission not valid for shuttle launch days.

With the KSC Admission Ticket you will be able to tour all the restricted special access areas, launch headquarters, visitor complex exhibits, shows, and even IMAX movies. With the Space Pass, you will get all of the access privileges of the KSC Admission Ticket plus the KSC Explore Tour, and, even, Lunch With An Astronaut!

A parking fee of $10.00 for automobiles/motorcycles and $15.00 for RV's and trailers will be assessed upon entering.

With the KSC Admission Ticket, you do not get admission into the Discover KSC: Today and Tomorrow Tour, or Lunch With An Astronaut.

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