Richard Petty Driving Experience E-tickets tickets

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Drive high powered stock cars yourself or whip around hair-pin turns with a professional driver! The Richard Petty Driving Experiences tickets are a high octane attraction in the Walt Disney World ® Resort. Also, let your kids (Ages 6-14) try the Junior Ride Along experience. They’ll be zipping down the track in their custom fitted child seats, dressed in their racing-suits, and feel like they’re on top of the world after their 3-lap tour!

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Richard Petty Driving Experience E-tickets
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You must be 18 years old and have a valid drivers license to participate in the Richard Petty Driving Program: Rookie Experience. You must be at least 14 years old to participate in the Richard Petty Driving Experience: Ride-Along Program.

Reservations are required. After purchasing your tickets, call the number listed on your voucher to make your reservations. Program runs approximately three hours, but can last up to a half a day.

Ticket expires September 30, 2014

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Valid for one Junior Admission ages 6 to 13.

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About Richard Petty Driving Experience E-tickets

Richard Petty Driving Experience
Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life at Walt Disney World ® Speedway! Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando puts you right into all of the fast-paced, adrenaline pumping, and pulse-pounding action of NASCAR!

Put on your driving suit and get ready for a day you will never forget. For over ten years, guests to the Central Florida area have been visiting this race track for the chance to live out their racing dreams. The cars at Richard Petty Driving Experience are real stock car racecars, filled with powerful V-8 engines and over 600 horsepower engines.

With Richard Petty Driving Experience, you can either ride shotgun with a real life racecar driver or get behind the wheel yourself! With the Ride-Along Program, guests can ride in a two-seater stock car with a professional instructor for three unforgettable laps around the mile-long track (reaching speeds up to 165 mph). Let the wind blow in your hair and hold on tight!

Rookie Experience
If you are looking to make your fantasy of being a professional race car driver a reality, Richard Petty Driving Experience can make it happen. Take command of the wheel with the Rookie Experience! During the Rookie Experience you will be in full control as you put the pedal to the metal and whip around the track for eight exciting laps! Make sure to take tons of pictures! When else will you ever get the chance to say you drove a real-life racecar?

Richard Petty Junior Ride Along
During your Orlando vacation this year, give your child the thrill of riding shotgun in a stock racing car while an experienced driver takes them through an actual race track at over 100 mph!  The Richard Petty Junior Ride Along Experience at Walt Disney World lets kids between the ages of 6 to 14 feel what it’s like for Jeff Gordon or Richard Petty to zip around a track at top speeds.  But don’t worry parents, this is completely safe.  The drivers have decades of experience driving these cars and take plenty of safety precautions that they will explain to you throughout the Ride Along.

As soon as you walk into the building, your child’s experience begins.  Your little one will be pumped up as the crew will immediately issues them their real-life racing suit and helmet.  You’ll love it too, because these miniature suits make for amazing photo opportunities, including one very special one with a life-size cutout of Richard Petty himself.  After that, venture out on to the track and one of the members of the pit crew will help your son or daughter into the window of their race car.  The vehicles are made especially for kids, with custom aluminum racing seats and a five-point safety harness, so maximum comfort and safety can be achieved.  Once they are all strapped in, a real NASCAR driver will send them flying down the track for a 3-lap tour around the track reaching speeds of up to 120 mph!


Departure Day:
Reservation date can be made by calling the number located on your voucher.

Up to 3 hours

Pickup/Drop-Off Location:
Walt Disney World® Speedway

Drive to Walt Disney World® Speedway and then you will travel via racecar.

Driver Release Fee:
The Driver Release Fee is in lieu of a “crash clause” requiring each participant to commit a certain amount that will be forfeited in the event of an incident/crash. RPDE provides that each driver who pays the $39 Driver Release Fee will not be responsible for most damage to the car resulting from an incident/crash at the track. Only in the event that a driver intentionally or negligently fails to follow the clear instructions of the in-car instructor which leads to an incident/crash will RPDE seek financial recompense for resulting damage to the vehicle.

Best Known For:
getting to live out your dreams of driving or being in a race car!

Additional Info:
You must be at least 14 years old to participate in the Richard Petty Driving Experience Ride-Along Program. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to participate in the Richard Petty Driving Experience Rookie Experience.

For Richard Petty Driving Experience Ride-Along you ride in the passenger seat. For Richard Petty Driving Experience Rookie Experience you get to drive the race car. All safety wear is included.

Track Dates:

PLEASE NOTE: Tracks will be closed September 5-7, 2014
Walt Disney World at SPEEDWAY 2014 Track Dates