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When you book your Orlando hotel with BestOfOrlando.com, your reservation is backed by the BestOfOrlando.com Best Rate Guarantee.

BestOfOrlando.com has one of the strongest best rate guarantees of all travel websites:

We will match any lower prices and pay you up to $150.

To learn more about the BestOfOrlando.com Best Rate Guarantee, please read the terms and conditions.

What you should know about our Best Rate Guarantee:

  • The Low Rate Guarantee applies to "hotel room rate" only reservations. It does not include any guest fees, service fees, taxes, tariffs or other hotel-related charges.
  • The Low Rate Guarantee only applies to hotel-only reservations made on BestOfOrlando.com or through a BestOfOrlando.com vacation planner by telephone. It does not apply to rates with any packages or any other rate which includes products other than hotel accommodations.
  • The maximum total refund paid will not exceed $150, and in the case that the maximum refund exceeds the original purchase rate, the original purchase rate will be refunded.
  • The Low Rate Guarantee does not include rates on websites where the property, company, itinerary or similar booking details are opaque or unknown until after the purchase, or where rates are determined by any sort of auction or bidding. The Lower Rate Guarantee does not apply to any errors or mistakes.
  • The Low Rate Guarantee does not apply to any corporate discounts, reward programs, convention rates, meeting rates, interline rates or hotel promotions.

Our Company is a leader in the travel industry and satisfies thousands of customers through travel reservations on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide a level of confidence and assurance for current and prospective customers through our Best Rate Guarantee.

Terms and Conditions:

In order to place a claim, you must first place a prepaid reservation and receive a confirmation number from BestOfOrlando.com.

If you find a lower available rate that is able to be booked on any other publicly available United States- based website for the same hotel, same room type, same travel date(s), same room type, same rate type, and for the same number of guests, please notify BestOfOrlando.com within 24 hours after booking your room with us, and BestOfOrlando.com will give you the difference back in the form of a refund on your credit card, up to $150.

Your notification to BestOfOrlando.com must be in the form of an email and sent to claimrequest@BestOfOrlando.com and must be sent to and received electronically by BestOfOrlando.com within 24 hours of placing the reservation on BestOfOrlando.com. Your claim request must include the BestOfOrlando.com confirmation number, hotel name, travel check-in date and travel check-out date, number of rooms, number of guests and the hotel website URL in which you are claiming to have a better rate. Please confirm the URL is correct and active. An active link must prove availability of all claims. Claims will not be evaluated or processed if only screenshots are provided.

Our claim department is open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PST and all claims will normally be responded to either by email or by telephone within two business days. All notifications must be submitted outside of 24 hours of the check-in date of the reservation in question.
All claim request emails must include all information where the comparison rate was found and must be available at the time when our BestOfOrlando.com agent contacts you. In cases where a lower or equal rate is available on BestOfOrlando.com, the BestOfOrlando.com rate will be offered.

For notifications that include reservations for multiple nights and/or multiple rooms, the total room cost for the entire stay will be evaluated in determining whether the comparison website has a lower rate.

The BestOfOrlando Low Rate Guarantee is intended to provide our customers with a level of confidence in our competitive pricing and availability. Any rate change should not be assumed and is not effective until the guest receives confirmation either electronically or by letter from BestOfOrlando.com.

All requests and required documentation are subject to verification by BestOfOrlando.com. By submitting a Low Rate Guarantee claim request, you fully and unconditionally agree that you are bound by these Terms and Conditions and by the decisions made by BestOfOrlando.com. All BestOfOrlando.com decisions are final.

Limit: Each customer shall be limited to three (3) Low Rate Guarantee claims per customer per month, regardless of the number of accounts used by the customer. BestOfOrlando.com reserved the right to cancel reservations for customers.

Terms and Conditions for the BestOfOrlando.com Low Rate Guarantee are subject to change at any time, and BestOfOrlando.com reserves the right in its sole discretion to discontinue the Low Rate Guarantee or to restrict its availability to any person(s), at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice or liability to you.