Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Make the most of your Walt Disney World by taking home memories – not just in your mind, but on your camera. Here are 10 spots where you can snap a perfect photograph. Say cheese!

Train station at the entrance to Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney could not have said it better when he first welcomed guests to his Magic Kingdom in Disneyland in the 1950s: “To all who come to this happy place, welcome.” The sentiment still rings true today at every Disney park. Pay homage to the man who started it all – with the help of a mouse. Take your first photograph at the Walt Disney World Resort in front of the train station along Main Street USA, capturing the excitement of your impending adventure.

Main Street USA
Cinderella’s iconic castle is hard to miss upon entering the Magic Kingdom. For many, the sight evokes tears of joy and nostalgia, and most park guests like to capture their first glimpse of the castle. The key spot, where you’ll find a slew of cast member photographers to snap your portrait, is along Main Street USA, about halfway between the park’s entrance and the castle itself.

Cinderella’s Wishing Well
Behind Cinderella’s castle stands a lesser-known pavilion that holds the Wishing Well. This pristine alcove remains one of Disney’s better-kept secrets. The quiet pavilion offers a peaceful destination for gorgeous photographs without the background of a horde of guests or crowded sidewalks. In fact, this peaceful well is popular for marriage proposals.

Purple wall outside of Space Mountain
One of the top photograph spots for Disney Instagrammers is the purple wall outside of Space Mountain. The photo spot has little description other than the fact that it is simply a blank purple wall outside of Space Mountain. Don’t believe us? Take a look here.

Gaston Statue outside of Be Our Guest restaurant
Embrace your evil side as you pose with the villainous Gaston outside of the Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland. At the center of the French village, find a flowing fountain with an impressive stone statue of the Beauty and the Beast villain, waiting for you to grab a signature mugged beverage, flex your muscles and snap a photograph. 

Spaceship Earth
The future comes to the present at Epcot at the Walt Disney Resort. Future World’s primary landmark, Spaceship Earth, provides a futuristic backdrop at the entrance of the park for photographs from professional cast members and from your own camera. Inside the sphere, discover how the Imagineeers of Disney have crafted a look back into human history and have predicted the future outlook of human technology. 

Tower of Terror Hotel
After entering Hollywood Studios, take a sharp right and walk towards the Tower of Terror Hotel. This staggering building looms over the theme park, creating an opportunity for an ominous, staged photograph. Perhaps you can whip up a shocked face or nervous stance – either way, the spooky ride will have you looking up at its towering walls with frightful anticipation!

Imperial Speeder outside of Star Tours
Stationed outside of the Star Tours attraction at Hollywood Studios stands a life-size replica of an Imperial Speeder from the beloved Star Wars film franchise. “Ride” the speeder and wield your trusty light saber as your fellow Jedi take your photo from across the way.

Pandora – The World of Avatar
Animal Kingdom’s newest land, Pandora, finds its inspiration from the Hollywood blockbuster film, Avatar. The entrance to the new land is dressed in gorgeous hues of blues and greens – a whimsical backdrop for photographs. Though the land is crowded due to its recent opening, don’t miss taking a photo with the floating islands of Pandora towering in the background.  

Expedition Everest’s bridge at Animal Kingdom
Explorers, grab your hiking gear and head over to the Animal Kingdom for some wild outdoor photographs. Specifically, make your way to the back of the theme park’s Asian pavilion to gaze upon the brooding roller coaster, Expedition Everest. This towering mountain offers a pristine spot for a family photograph. Stop on the bridge as you enter the mountain’s vicinity, and prepare to capture the moment with a stunning shot. 

Get tickets to Walt Disney World – and don’t forget the camera!