Vacations should be relaxing. The stress of packing, however, often overwhelms even the most seasoned of travelers. Fear no more! Best of Orlando is here to help you avoid falling victim to this undue stress by identifying 10 of the main items guests forget to pack before embarking on an Orlando adventure.

Backpack for parks
To evade having to completely unpack and repack your main traveling bag each time you enter an amusement park in Orlando, add a park-specific bag to your packing checklist. This bag can be foldable and small, as long as it fits all of your daily essentials. Pro Tip: Pack a day bag that has a zipper and cannot be easily undone. You do not want to lose your cell phone or sunglasses during an upside down ride that forces an unzipped bag open!

Facial sunscreen
While packing sun lotion for the entire body remains important, do not shirk packing a face-specific brand as well. As many travelers know, having a sunburn on the face can ruin an otherwise perfect vacation. While many sunscreens will protect against harsh UV rays, the face is an especially sensitive area; do not forget to pack a higher SPF for the face.

Rain jacket
Floridians know that the weather of the Sunshine State fluctuates; during most summer days, you can expect the heavens to release a rainstorm around 3pm to 4pm. Even in other seasons, you can never quite predict the Florida patterns. Instead of finding yourself stuck inside an attraction, waiting for the rain to subside or for you to purchase a poncho, pack a rain jacket for your trip. You won’t go wrong.

Swimming goggles
Most travelers remember to stash a bathing suit when embarking on a new trip, but many, however, forget to pack swimming goggles for those needing a bit of eyewear protection from the chlorine of hotels swimming pools. For those companions, remember to pack a pair of swimming goggles; these are often a high dollar purchase when sought at a hotel or within a water park.

Light sweater
Set the scene. You have just scored Extra Magic Hours for the Walt Disney Resort, and you now plan to gallivant throughout the Magic Kingdom Park well into the early morning hours. You check the forecast on your hotel’s television, and the temperatures are expected to drop from midnight onwards. What do you do? Pack a light sweater. Though Florida appears to maintain a steadily warm temperature, the nights can often bring a breeze. Pack a light sweater that is easily foldable and packable in a weekend or day bag.

Refillable water bottle
Let’s face it. Vacationing can include plenty of walking and exercise. In the heat of Central Florida, you do not want to be left alone without some form of hydration. Think ahead and pack a refillable water bottle that will not easily be crushed as it is transported from suitcase to bag or from bag to hand, but be cautious that the bottle is not made of glass. Disney does not allow glass water bottles in the parks.

Healthy snacks
Energy is key for a successful trip in Central Florida. With so many thrilling activities from which to choose from with BestofOrlando, you will need to stay energized and ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. Instead of breaking the bank with food inside of a park or an attraction, consider packing healthy alternative snacks like granola bars, dried fruit, and nuts to keep your mind alert and your body healthy.

Running shoes
The attractions of Orlando are diverse, from the likes of Walt Disney World to Universal Studios and Fun Spot America. Meandering through so many exhilarating parks means plenty of walking, both inside the parks and in-between transportation centers. Do not make the mistake of only packing cute sandals or strappy heels; for the sake of your toes and soles, make sure to throw at least one pair of running or tennis shoes in your suitcase.

Bandages of several sizes
When you’re out on vacation, bumps and bruises are bound to happen. Even with the best precautions and the comfiest of walking shoes, you never know what may occur. Plan ahead by packing bandages in your day and weekend bags. Do not pack only one size; bring a host of different sized bandages to guard against infection on a cut or callus of any diameter.

Laundry bag
After spending an entire day at a water attraction — like Buena Vista Watersports and Sammy Duvall’s Watersports or Sea World and CoCo Key Water Park — your soggy clothes and damp bathing suits are going to need packing. Where will you place them? Protect the rest of your clothes by packing a foldable laundry bag for your trip to Central Florida. Your remaining articles of clothing will thank you.