Walt Disney World tours are some of the most memorable experiences you’ll find on property. It’s your chance to see aspects of Walt Disney World in a whole new light! We’ve seen the return of quite a few Magic Kingdom tour experiences, and EPCOT is officially bringing back three of its tour experiences, too. Starting October 2, 2022, guests can experience The Land and The Seas once again with some of EPCOT’s most popular tours.

Behind the Seeds
If you’re a big fan of Living with the Land, this is the tour experience for you. Located within the Living with the Land attraction, Behind the Seeds gives guests an up-close and personal view of the fish, plants, and produce found in these state-of-the-art greenhouses. This one-hour walking tour will help you discover the latest plant-growing techniques – and maybe even inspire some ways to improve your garden at home!

As of August 22, 2022, guests can now begin booking tours starting October 2, 2022. Behind the Seeds is a tour for guests of all ages and costs $35 per person before tax. You are required to have a theme park reservation for EPCOT and a valid theme park ticket to experience this tour.

EPCOT Seas Adventures - DiveQuest
Get ready to dive into The Seas’ 5.7-million-gallon saltwater environment and explore the sealife within. The Seas with Nemo & Friends is home to over 2,000 sea creatures including dolphins, angelfish, sea turtles, sharks, and more. EPCOT Seas Adventures - DiveQuest is one of the best ways to get a closer look and make some memories! Expect incredible marine life with calm seas, unlimited visibility, and no current.

EPCOT Seas Adventures - Dive Quest is booking now for October 2, 2022 and beyond. This experience costs $219 per guest before tax. A bathing suit is required to enter the water and wet suits will be provided by Disney. The tour lasts 2 hours and is only available to tweens, teens, and adults who are SCUBA-certified. (Proof of SCUBA certification is required.) While family and friends aren’t allowed behind the scenes for this tour, they can get great views of your dive through the pavilion’s many acrylic windows as long as they have valid admission and a theme park reservation for EPCOT!

EPCOT Seas Adventures - Dolphins in Depth
For curious EPCOT guests who aren’t SCUBA-certified, this next tour is perfect for you. On this tour, guests meet the bottlenose dolphins that call The Seas home while talking with the experts who work with these beauties daily. Get ready to learn about training and research sessions from marine mammal specialists and even interact with the dolphins for about 30 minutes in waist-deep water.

EPCOT Seas Adventures - Dolphins in Depth is booking now for October 2, 2022 and beyond. The tour costs $199 per guest before tax and a bathing suit is required if you plan to enter the water and interact with the dolphins. Wetsuits will be provided by Disney for the EPCOT Seas Adventures - Dolphins in Depth experience. This two-hour tour is only available for tweens, teens, and adults with valid admission and a theme park reservation to EPCOT.

The time is now! If you’re visiting Walt Disney World after October 2, 2022 and one of these three EPCOT tours speaks to you, take the time to reserve your spot. Bookings are available through disneyworld.com or the My Disney Experience app. Which of these tours is at the top of your EPCOT bucket list?