Enter a long-abandoned Depression-era farmhouse in Scarecrow: The Reaping

The final four frights for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights have been announced, and they're all terrifying original houses. These frightfully unique stories feature everything from vengeful scarecrows and blood-sucking vampires to Voodoo queens and winged Gothic creatures. Learn more about these new monstrous mazes below.

Scarecrow: The Reaping
Enter a long-abandoned Depression-era farmhouse lost in the dusty barren fields of Nebraska. Here you'll come to face-to-face with scarecrow guardians hell-bent on revenge for the plowing of their bountiful fields. The only harvest that will be reaped this season is you.

The Hive puts you in a home filled with Nosferatu style vampires

The Hive
Inspired by 1980s horror movies, The Hive takes place in a crumbling old house inhabited by a slew of bloodthirsty vampires. And these are not the cool, sexy type vampires you see in films nowadays. No, these Nosferatu types are nasty, bestial and vicious. They're savage to the core and if you awaken them, you may have to run for your life.

Dead Waters will transport you to a half-sunken riverboat to face the Voodoo Queen

Dead Waters
This new haunt is actually based on a previous scare zone from Halloween Horror Nights called Bayou of Blood. In it you will trudge through a swamp that's oozing with evil. After you pass a half-sunken riverboat you'll encounter the Voodoo Queen and she's surrounded by the skeletal remains of her victims. She's looking for a new sacrifice and you might fit the bill.

 There's an eternal war between good and evil and you will see it in The Fallen

The Fallen
There's an eternal war between good and evil and you're about to be caught in the crossfire. Step inside a massive Gothic cathedral filled with demonic winged creatures waging a battle against mortals. Watch your back as monsters soar over your head. That's right – these deadly creatures will actually fly right above you, so nowhere is safe.

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These four new terrifying haunted mazes join the already incredible lineup that includes "The Shining," "SAW: The Games of Jigsaw," "American Horror Story: Volume 2," "Ash vs. Evil Dead" and "Horrors of Blumhouse."

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando will run for a record-breaking 34 select nights from September 15 to November 4. Don't be caught dead without your discount tickets to the nation's best Halloween event, here on Best of Orlando.

Orlando, FL – 9/1/17

By: Alicia Stella