Beach Bungalow at Legoland Beach Retreat

The new Legoland Beach Retreat at Legoland Florida is your laid-back Lego-themed beach paradise. The resort features a village-style layout filled with coves of brightly colored beach bungalows. Each cove only contains a few bungalows so you can relax out on the porch in your own little neighborhood. This resort is filled with lots of fun things to do, incredible Lego theming and free transportation to the theme park across the street. Here are our top tips on how to maximize your fun on your next vacation at Legoland Beach Retreat.

Set aside time to enjoy the hotel
You're definitely going to want to spend some time at your beach bungalow. With highly decorated rooms and a separate area for the kids' bunk beds, the rooms are a fun Lego-themed place to hang out. Each room comes with a bucket of Lego bricks that everyone can play with. There's plenty of child-friendly TV stations. And the front porch is perfect for a relaxing meal in the fresh air or playing with new Lego sets you can purchase from the resort gift shop. Each cove of bungalows also comes with its own playground. All the bungalows face the playground so you can keep an eye on your kids from the comfort of your own porch.

Pool Area at Legoland Beach Retreat

Play by the pool and relax the day away
The pool at Legoland Beach Retreat is the biggest at the resort. Kids of all ages delight in playing with oversized Lego pieces in the pool to make their own floating creations. The pool area has its own bigger playground for the kids while mom and day relax on nearby lounge chairs. This area of the resort also offers picturesque views of Lake Dexter. Grab a snack, a fun drink or some ice cream from the poolside window. Adults can order specialty mixed drinks and other offerings as well. Near the pool are some kid-sized nets for playing volleyball and a sandy area for building sandcastles. 

Legoland Beach Retreat Fun

Fun activities for kids at the Beach Retreat
When you check-in, be sure to get a schedule of all the entertaining activities for kids. There's a sandy section set aside for building sandcastles and on some days they even hold sandcastle competitions! Other fun activities include chalk art competitions, hula hoop contests and even dance parties. Every once in awhile they'll even have Master Builder competitions using the large Lego bricks by the pool. Some of the contests have prizes while others are just for fun in the sun. When the sun goes down your family can relax out by the fire pit. You can purchase a four-person package of S'mores ingredients and really make it a night to remember.

Lighthouse Restaurant at Legoland Beach Retreat

Enjoy dinner buffet, free breakfast and more inside The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse is at the center of the resort and inside you'll find the restaurant, bar and snack window, gift shop and more. All guests of the resort can help themselves to a complimentary breakfast buffet at Sandy’s Castle Restaurant. With a wide selection of eggs, bacon, pastries, fruit and cereal, your day will be off to a great start. The restaurant also offers a dinner buffet with fun stuff for kids like chicken nuggets and healthy options for grown-ups like seared fish. Also for grown-ups is the Bricks Beach Bar. Their main specialty is the Fish in a Bag, a mixed drink served in a big drink pouch with an orange peel floating in it that looks like a goldfish, hence the name. During the day you can order freshly cooked meals here including pizzas to go, which is perfect for enjoying on your personal patio. Kids can play at the Lego building area under a big sandcastle while you wait for your food.

Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is just a free tram ride away
One of the best perks of staying at the Legoland Beach Retreat is that you get early entry to the Legoland Florida theme park. That means you can ride some of the most popular attractions without having to wait in long lines, including the new high-tech interactive Ninjago The Ride. Resort guests can take a free tram to the park and receive a free ride back in the evening. Or, if you're driving yourself, resort guests get to park in the closest parking spots available to the theme park entrance, and it's completely free.

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(Photos by Alicia Stella)