Despite all of the rides, shows and attractions at Walt Disney World, one of the most popular things happening at the parks are the walls. That’s right, guests have taken to Instagram to share their favorite “Disney Walls” locations, some of which even have their own hashtags. These walls are colorful, quirky and just plain fun. Here are the top 7 Instagram worthy walls of Walt Disney World.

1. Purple Wall
The #DisneyWall trend all started with a purple wall to the right of the Tomorrowland entrance at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Guests found the purple hue of this wall perfect for an Instagram background. It became so popular it even got its own hashtag - #purplewall. The wall was recently enhanced with an updated purple color scheme.

2. Bubble Gum Wall
At Epcot, guests can’t help but pose in front of the bubble gum inspired wall and it is no wonder why. Reminiscent of a bright wad of bubble gum, the Bubble Gum Wall glows with shades of pink, blue and fuchsia. The wall sits outside of the exit of Spaceship Earth.

3. Blueberry Wall
Much like the Bubble Gum Wall, Epcot’s Blueberry Wall offers vibrant blue hues in a sweeping motion. It is just two steps away from the Bubble Gum Wall.

4. Toothpaste Wall
Over at The Seas With Nemo and Friends pavilion, stop by the Toothpaste Wall. This wall looks like it sounds. This colorful wall will suddenly make you want to clean your teeth, but not before flashing your teeth for a photo. 

5. “You Are Most Beautiful” Wall
One of the most popular stops for guests visiting the Harambe Marketplace in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the “You Are Most Beautiful Wall.” While there isn’t a hashtag for it yet you will still find plenty of people posing in front of this wall. Look for it on the park-side of a cast members-only doorway.

6. Harambe Market
Speaking of the Harambe Market, there is another wall located here that offers sports quotes and a painting of Mickey Mouse. This is one of the more unique looking walls on the list.

7. Moss Wall
Inside Pandora - The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the newest popular “Disney Wall,” the #MossWall. Just opposite of Satu’li Canteen’s front door is the gorgeous wall that lures guests in with its pops of green, purple and blue.