Magical Holiday Celebration at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – at the happiest place on earth! The Walt Disney Parks welcome you to experience the magic of the mouse in Orlando this holiday season.

Before booking your vacation, however, Best of Orlando has some key pieces of traveling wisdom to share with you – knowledge even Jiminy Cricket would admire.

Make reservations for in-park meals
Want to have a turkey dinner on Christmas at the likes of Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom or the American Pavilion at Epcot? Make a reservation in advance. Though reservations are always recommended when eating within a Disney Park, the holidays mark an exceptionally busy time for hungry travelers.

Consider VIP tickets for firework shows 
The Walt Disney Parks offer several VIP packages for each fireworks show, especially those around the holidays. One popular example is the Fireworks Holiday Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace, a package that includes wintry-themed treats and a spectacular view of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. The privacy and clear vantage points of Cinderella’s Castle make this a fabulous holiday deal.

Pack a light sweater and a jacket
Though Walt Disney World is in the heart of Central Florida, those savvy to the state’s fluctuating weather know how tricky winter can be. In order to avoid sweating in a reindeer sweater or freezing in flip-flops, consider packing two separate types of jacket in preparation for your trip: a light sweater in case the temperatures remain cool and a heavy jacket, should the winds chill down as New Year’s Eve approaches.

Bring a refillable water bottle and plenty of snacks
Holiday celebrating equals holiday crowds. You don’t want to find yourself in long line without a granola bar or sip of water. You especially want to avoid wasting undue time in lengthy food lines – think ahead, and pack an emergency supply of sustenance.

Think comfort over fashion for shoes
One common temptation during the holidays is to wear those fashionable boots that tend to hurt your soles. Take it from us – avoid this urge! One of the worst feelings in the Disney Parks is when your foot pain prohibits you from taking full advantage of the Disney magic. When in doubt, choose tennis shoes with comfortable arch support.

Add on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
Oh, boy! Mickey Mouse welcomes you to explore the Magic Kingdom Park after hours for a special holiday celebration with Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. The timely event happens throughout the winter and celebrates all things joyful within the Walt Disney Park, featuring a slew of ornament-adorned foliage and caroling classic characters.

Arrive early for parades
Magic Kingdom’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade has holiday flair all its own, with blinking Christmas lights and decorated characters – don’t miss this wintry wonderland. But, be sure to arrive early to this parade – and each parade at the Disney Parks – with enough time to secure a comfortable line of sight to fully appreciate the twinkling wonder.

Book FastPasses in advance
The holidays remain one of the busiest seasons for the Walt Disney Parks. Rather than miss riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Pandora’s Avatar Flight of Passage due to massive queue lines, secure all FastPasses online before you arrive.

By: Amy Sapp