Amongst its mesmerizing acrobatic performances, music and thrilling storyline that takes you into the world of make-believe,  there’s the whimsical characters that make La Nouba one of the most unique shows in Orlando.

But before you can be introduced to the production’s quirky characters you must first understand what Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba is all about.

La Nouba begins as two worlds, the Cirques (circus people), sporting bright, fluorescent colors and the Urbains (urbanites), who wear dark, monochromatic outfits run into each other. Soon the magic and amazing feats of the Cirques set fire to the monotony of the Urbains and a hilarious and thrilling show ensues.

Adding to the hilarity are the Les Cons otherwise known as The Nuts. These four men are not visible to the human eye, but they themselves can see everything, which in turn means they mind everybody’s business but their own. The Nuts do nothing but disobey, but they make sure they have fun while doing it!

While The Nuts muddle in everybody’s business, The Dancers (a Pierrot clown and a lost ballerina) tell a beautiful love story through a riveting dance routine. The result is a never-ending love story full of desire, fear and longing for one another.

And speaking of a Pierrot clown, The Acrobatic Pierrot appears in the heart of the show’s action at all times. Dressed in all red (he’s a member of the Red Pierrot family) you can spot him on the mountain, on the wall at the End of the World and on the Rocks throughout the performance.

Marching assertively through the world of La Nouba, The Titan walks alone and casts fear over everybody he encounters. This character has a menacing way about him and you’ll feel his wrath the moment you set eyes on him.

One of La Nouba’s most important and interesting characters is The Cleaning Lady. While trying to clean up an abandoned attic filled with cobwebs and forgotten toys, The Cleaning Lady suddenly finds herself trapped in contrasting worlds of the possible and impossible, dream and reality and the wonderful and everyday.

Trapped in the humdrum urban world The Green Bird can almost taste freedom after escaping her cage, but soon realizes she cannot fly because she is too awkward. Sadly, she remains trapped in the urban world while her heart belongs with the Cirques.

The Walker is one of the more quirky La Nouba characters, going back and forth without stopping except when he sees fit.

And what’s a Cirque show without clowns? In between dramatic scenes the clowns Balthzar & Sergel keep audiences entertained with their hilarious comedy bits and Three Stooges-esque material.

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