If you’re a Walt Disney World aficionado, you might be wondering what happened to Seashore Sweets on Disney’s Boardwalk, located at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Well, it turns out a magician’s lounge was disguised within all along. According to newspaper clippings hung within the establishment, the magicians who used to frequent the bar mysteriously vanished, revealing their location and leaving behind remnants of magic. Now, the secret is out, and everyone is welcome to the AbracadaBar on Disney’s Boardwalk. 

Walt Disney World has stunned us again with this elegant 1920s-themed bar. The interior is adorned in rich tones of red, with velvet curtains and enchantments in every detail. If you look closely at the wallpaper’s gold filigree, you may find hidden keys or an imprint of a magician’s face. Shadow boxes containing elixirs, crystals balls, genie lamps, decks of cards and even straitjackets create an eerie ambiance. Posters are hung in remembrance of the magicians, Madame Heshire and the Great Tyrus. The bar is also dotted with props like wands, coins and handcuffs. Within the lounge, it’s easy to forget you’re still at Disney, but Mickey has placed bits of himself among the décor as well. If you look closely at the stained glass windows, you can find hidden mickeys.

All the craft cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are unique to the establishment. My favorite is the Pepper’s Ghost served in a martini glass. This opaque drink is made with Ciroc Pineapple Vodka and Habanero Lime, and garnished with a pineapple square. The bar also offers a Seashore Sweet-themed cocktail that is the prettiest drink on the menu. This cocktail is made with Absolut Citrine, Odwalla Lemonade and Cotton Candy that will dissolve into a syrup once the drink is poured. Some of these drinks are twists on classic cocktails, such as the “Magic Hattan” – a spoof on a Manhattan. Other themed drinks include the “Coney Negroni,” the “Parlor Trick” and the “Magic Mirror.” Cocktails cost $12, and non-alcoholic drinks cost $5. 

Unfortunately, the AbracadaBar doesn’t serve any food besides truffle popcorn, so I would suggest grabbing a drink and heading over to the Flying Fish, in the connecting building, for dinner. They’re open every day at 4pm and close at 10:30pm, except for Fridays and Saturdays, when they stay open until 11pm, making this an excellent place for a pre-dinner cocktail.     

Step back in time and enjoy the secrets of the magician at Disney World’s AbracadaBar on the Boardwalk. And try not to disappear – let’s leave that up to the professionals.