Disney Springs brings Walt Disney World’s guests unique shopping and dining experiences while on vacation! One of their latest treat offerings is a cool new way for adult guests to beat the Orlando heat.

Disney Springs’ Paddlefish is now selling Buzz Pop Cocktails – a “grownup push pop” that comes in eight delicious flavors! Southern Belle is made with Bourbon, Caribbean Breeze and Mango Passion are made with Organic Rum, Pink Paradise and Blueberry Mania are made with Tequila, Watermelon and Lemon Drop are made with Vodka, and the Moscow Mule pops are made with Organic Vodka. With so many enticing flavors, it will be hard to choose just one to enjoy!

One of the major perks of this chilly treat is that you can indulge guilt-free, as each pop is only 100 calories. Buzz Pop Cocktails are also vegan, gluten-free and certified kosher. According to Paddlefish’s official Instagram, these grownup push pops are sold for $14, and their most popular flavors so far are Mango Passion, Lemon Drop and Southern Belle.

Buzz Pop Cocktails premiered at Paddlefish last month and will be available as long as guests “continue to obsess over them” according to a Paddlefish representative. In a world as ever-changing as Disney, it’s exciting to see such a fun, boozy treat now available at Disney Springs. So next time you’re visiting Walt Disney World’s shopping and dining district, be sure to stop by Paddlefish and grab yourself one of these all-new grownup treats.