It doesn’t have to be Shark Week for you to celebrate sharks. SeaWorld Orlando has several shark exhibits, tours and even roller coasters that will teach you more about the underwater animal as well as their vital role in maintaining ocean health. Here are 5 fantastic ways to celebrate sharks 365 days a year.

There is no better way to experience what it’s like to be a shark than to take a ride on The Mako roller coaster. Named for one of the ocean’s fastest sharks, Mako is Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster! You’ll feel the speeds of this underwater predator as you dart around tight bends and investigate a ship wreck at speeds racing 73 miles per hour.

Shark Encounter
One of the best ways to celebrate sharks is to get encounter them. At Shark Encounter, you’ll do just that as you walk through one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels for an up-close look at the ancient animal.

Shark’s Underwater Grill
Combine your love of sharks with a delicious meal at Shark’s Underwater Grill. As you dine at one of the best restaurants in Orlando, take in breathtaking views of several different species of sharks as they swim around you in an immersive tank.

Shark Up-Close Tour
The behind-the-scenes tour, Sharks Up-Close will dispel fact from fiction as you explore the diversity of shark species in our oceans. The highlight of the tour is when you get to actually touch a shark!

Swim with Sharks
SeaWorld’s water park, Discovery Cove offers a one-of-a-kind  shark encounter where you can actually swim with the creature! Learn more about them from expert guides as you swim alongside.