Searching for something sweet to eat as you travel around Epcot’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World this festival season? Look no further, the China pavilion has got you covered! The pavilion is now offering a pretty sweet new treat – Chinese Cotton Candy.

As you make your way into the China pavilion and walk down the Street of Good Fortune, you’ll eventually reach a giant gift shop by the name of the House of Good Fortune. This shop is full of various Chinese goodies, and now they offer Chinese Cotton Candy as well!

This Chinese Cotton Candy is offered from a multi-colored, multi-layered menu featuring designs with only two layers, all the way up to designs with five layers. Pricing on the Chinese Cotton Candy will vary from $7 to $15 depending on how many layers you choose.

Here is a breakdown of current Chinese Cotton Candy options:
Two-Layered Sweet Heart for $7
Two-Layered Butterfly Dream for $8
Three-Layered Sunrise Star for $10
Four-Layered Aurora Blossom for $12
Five-Layered Spring Fantasy for $15

With cotton candy patterns ranging in color, size and layers, it will be so fun watching your candy masterpiece come to life before your eyes. Inside the House of Good Fortune, guests can watch as their cotton candy creator makes the treat of their cotton candy dreams. Once they’re finished, you’ll have a sugary treat that’s almost too beautiful to eat.