Iron Gwazi will be North America's tallest hybrid coaster and the fastest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world when it opens at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in Spring 2020. Manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction, this new coaster will include 3 inversions and speeds up to 76 miles per hour. We just got our first glimpse of the new ride's coaster train when it was revealed at IAAPA Expo at the Orange County Convention Center.

Featuring elements from the former wooden coaster attraction that have been integrated into this new ride, the steel track layout for Iron Gwazi will create a completely new experience. Hybrid roller coasters like Iron Gwazi combine the best of both worlds—the classic nostalgic feel of a wooden coaster with the bold innovation and smooth ride of a steel design.

This new attraction draws its inspiration from the crocodile, the largest living reptile. The lead coaster car features a colorful and intimidating crocodile snout on the front. Some of the coaster's maneuvers were even inspired by this perfect predator that has ruled for millions of years, including a thrilling dive roll that will have us spinning like a crocodile that has captured its prey.

Rocky Mountain Construction has worked closely with Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to create a record-breaking hybrid coaster featuring the world's steepest drop at 91 degrees, and the world's fastest speeds, reaching 76 miles per hour. Iron Gwazi will also be America's tallest hybrid coaster, with a maximum height of 206 feet. While traveling along 4,075 feet of track you'll experience 12 moments of airtime. That's where you feel weightless and feel your body start to lift out of your seat, which is an exhilarating thrill for coaster lovers!

With a height requirement of only 48-inches, Iron Gwazi will be an attraction families will be able to experience together. You'll be able to take on Iron Gwazi yourself when it opens in the Spring of 2020, with discounted tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay from!