For adults visiting Walt Disney World, there’s really nothing better than drinking your way around World Showcase! With the hot, summer months on their way, this new cocktail popsicle offering found in Epcot’s World Showcase just might be the next best thing.

The Via Napoli snack and beverage cart at the Italy pavilion in World Showcase is officially offering three different cocktail popsicles for guests to enjoy! These Cocktail Popsicles by Pop Fusions will also include a non-alcoholic Strawberry popsicle by Pop Fusions as well. The three Cocktail Popsicle flavors include Berry Sangria, Limoncello, and Sparkling Strawberry!

The Berry Sangria popsicle is created with locally sourced wine and fresh berries and is available for $12. The Limoncello popsicle is exclusively available at Via Napoli and is created with fresh, locally grown raspberries and of course limoncello liqueur. This popsicle is the priciest of the three at $13. The last of the alcoholic popsicles is the Sparkling Strawberry, which is available for $12. This popsicle is made with fresh, locally grown strawberries and sparkling wine. For guests looking for a non-alcoholic option, try the Strawberry Popsicle by Pop Fusions. This $8 popsicle is created with fresh, local strawberries, sugar cane, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and water.

In addition to these fun and fruity popsicles, this cart also serves an array of cocktails and gelato and sorbetto options. When it comes to purchasing these cocktail popsicles, be sure to keep in mind that Cast Members will only allow you to purchase one per valid 21 and older ID. So, if you’re planning to taste test more than one, you may have to make a trip back to Via Napoli’s beverage and food cart while making your way around the World Showcase! Sip, Sip, Hooray!