Something bright and colorful is coming to Crayola Experience this summer. The Orlando experience has announced an all-new attraction that promises to capture your fun-filled day via colors and shapes.

The new digital attraction called Kaleidoscope puts guests in front of a large screen that transforms their image into a swirling display of light and color, just like a kaleidoscope. As guests dance and move in front of the screen, Kaleidoscope captures the fun and emails it, making for a unique keepsake.

“We’re always looking for that new, creative experience we can provide for our guests,” said Chris Ozimek, general manager in a statement. “This new attraction is classic Crayola: colorful, dynamic and fun.”

Kaleidoscope is set to replace Doodle in the Dark, an attraction where guests can color on glowing boards with markers.

Stay tuned for more details on Kaleidoscope including an opening date. In the meantime you can check out the rest of Crayola Experience’s colorful fun and get in one final time at Doodle in the Dark with discounted tickets here on Best of Orlando.