There is a new holiday ride sailing into Walt Disney World ® this Christmas. The classic Jingle Cruise will spread the holiday cheer this season with a festive new version of the classic Jungle Cruise as it floats up and down the Congo River.

When the Orlando theme park announced a holiday version of the Jungle Cruise in late October it released a perfectly designed attraction poster with elephants and hippos wearing Santa hats and Frosty the Snowman. And while the animals may not be wearing festive holiday hats during the attraction, the Jingle Cruise will include a new plot that involves the Skippers being homesick for the holidays. Because they can’t go home this season they have decided to add decorations that have been mailed from home to the Jungle Cruise queue and boathouse. Their festive change-up includes new holiday jokes, colored lights, renamed boats and Trader Sam donning colorful new attire at the end of the ride. 

As you walk into the entrance the first big changes you’ll notice include the signs that once said ‘Jungle Cruise’ now say ‘Jingle Cruise’ as well as Christmas lights hanging on them. Some skippers have really gotten into the holiday spirit by donning a Santa hat. But the biggest changes to the ride are in the queue. A Christmas tree now stands in the boathouse, as well as decorative wreaths with tiny Santa Claus and snowmen props. The radio loop that you hear throughout the queue has also changed to holiday music from the 1930’s – 50’s. The skippers have even decorated Albert Awol’s office with a silver desktop tree, lights, garland and more festive décor.

The boats themselves have also received a holiday makeover with new names including:

Amazon Annie to Eggnog
Annie Bomokandi Bertha to Brrrrr Bertha Congo
Connie to Candy Cane
Connie Ganges Gertie to Garland Gertie
Irrawaddy Irma to Icicle Irma
Mongala Millie to Mistletoe Millie
Nile Nellie to Seasonal Rehab
Orinoco Ida to Seasonal Rehab
Rutshuru Ruby to Seasonal Rehab
Sankuru Sadie to Sleigh Ride
Sadie Senegal Sal to Poinsettia Sal
Ucayali Lolly to Yule Log  
Lolly Volta Val to Vixen Val
Wamba Wanda to Wassail Wanda
Zambesi Zelda to Fruitcake Zelda 

The ride itself hasn’t changed, other than a few holiday jokes from the Skippers. But regardless, Jingle Cruise is still a fun way to celebrate the season on the Congo River!

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Orlando, FL - 12/04/13