Summer of 2018 brought Disney’s Hollywood Studios a whole new toy-inspired land complete with two new attractions, a new restaurant and a new entrance to the beloved Toy Story Mania attraction. As this new area opened up, the existing area Pixar Place was closed to the public and left as a background area, until Disney announced a fun, new Incredibles-inspired area that would be taking over Pixar Place starting in early 2019!

The All-New An Incredible Celebration is here, and if you’re headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019, you’re going to want to make time to visit this fun themed space. Pixar Place has been transformed into Municiberg, which is currently hosting The Incredible Celebration! As you enter the city street, you’ll find a welcoming billboard, as well as quite a few fun activities to be a part of.

The Edna Mode Experience
Ever wanted to meet the Edna Mode? In Municiberg, you’ll finally have the chance to! In the area where guests used to meet Woody and Buzz, this space has been transformed in the Edna Mode Experience. As you wait to meet Edna, you’ll wind through her brand-new super suit exhibit! See the suits of some of your favorite supers, like Frozone. Once it’s time for you to meet Edna, be ready to strike a pose the camera, “dahhling!”

Neighborhood Bakery
During your time in Municiberg, you may get a bit hungry. The Neighborhood Bakery is home to a few super snacks that will be right up your alley! From the “Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums” to the Frozone Slush and the Incredible Hero Sandwich, whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, you can find it here.

The Super Shindig
Celebrate super-style with Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone at the Super Shindig street party. They’re celebrating supers becoming legal in Municiberg again, and want you to be a part of it. Bust a move and catch up on the latest Municiberg news thanks to live street reporters who may just interview you for the big screen.

Where is Jack-Jack?
It’s no secret that the smallest super in the Incredible clan is a handful! Among the excitement of this Incredible Celebration, Jack-Jack is nowhere to be found. Even though you can’t see Jack-Jack, clues that he’s been there can be found all over Municiberg. From cookie crumbs on the floor to destructive foot and handprints on all the surfaces, this area is full of telling details.

Incredible Photo Spots
Disney loves to add fun and colorful walls to their parks, and Municiberg is no exception. As you make your way into the gates and look to your right, you’ll find an incredible mural with quite a few different photo opportunities. In addition to this exciting wall, the old entrance to Toy Story Mania has been reimagined as a fun photo spot for your whole party, complete with photo prop signs!

Although the original Pixar Place was inspired by Toy Story, seeing the area decorated to another Pixar film is a cool burst of creativity for guests venturing in and out of Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Instead of a closed-off cast area, guests now have the chance to step into Municiberg and celebrate alongside their favorite supers. So on your way to explore Andy’s Backyard, don’t forget to swing by Municiberg for a Frozone Slush and to show off your dance moves at the Super Shindig.