When vacationing at the Most Magical Place on Earth, you’ll want to capture every memorable moment. One of the best ways to relive those memories you’ve made is with Disney PhotoPass Service. Guests can opt for Disney Memory Maker service during their vacation to Walt Disney World and this comes with a number of perks. Today we’re sharing some of the best ways to make the most of Disney PhotoPass Service at the Most Magical Place on Earth!



Magic Shots
Magic Shots bring a Disney character surprise to your Disney Parks photos that you’ll be able to see later. While posing for Disney PhotoPass shots, your photographer may ask you to point, look, or react to something that’s not there. When you check your My Disney Experience app later, you’ll see which Disney character ended up popping into your photo! While some Magic Shots are available all year long, some are limited time opportunities so don’t be afraid to stop at Disney PhotoPass photographers to grab as many memorable shots as you can.

Unique Shots
Like all things at Walt Disney World, Disney PhotoPass changes things up with their photo spots from time to time. Whether it’s a limited time backdrop or a different type of photo capture, these unique shots are a part of Disney PhotoPass that you won’t want to skip. Some of the most popular unique shots are the “Tiny World” Magic Shots found occasionally at each park. Magic Kingdom also offers a “Super Zoom” Magic Shot in the Hub Grass area on Main Street U.S.A. EPCOT offers special limited time backdrops for festivals and Disney’s Animal Kingdom pops them up for special occasions throughout the year, too! So keep your eyes peeled when you’re in the parks.

PhotoPass Studio
Did you know Walt Disney World has a PhotoPass Studio on property? If you make the trip over to Disney’s Shopping and Dining District, be sure to stop by the Disney PhotoPass Studio. They offer an array of virtual backdrops for guests to choose from and they are happy to capture individual and group shots that you won’t forget. While you won’t be able to see your background while you pose, it’s fun to see what photo magic was created when you look at your My Disney Experience app later!

On-Attraction Photos
Whether it’s the big drop or a memorable moment on a ride, Walt Disney World offers a number of on-attraction photo opportunities. While these photos are fun to preview after exiting the ride, you’ll be happy to know that these shots can be taken home with you as well as a part of your Disney Memory Maker package! For moments like conquering a coaster for the first time to the funniest group pose you’ve ever done, you’ll be glad to know you can look back on these on-attraction shots for decades to come.

Pro Tip: Book A “Capture Your Moment” Session
In recent years, Disney PhotoPass has debuted a new service – personalized 20-minute photo sessions. Capture Your Moment is the best way to get unique shots in some of the most beautiful sections of each park. As of a few weeks ago, Capture Your Moment Sessions are now available in all four of Walt Disney World’s theme parks! While it isn’t free to book a Capture Your Moment session, your digital downloads from the shoot are complimentary with your Disney Memory Maker package. Your Disney PhotoPass photographer works with you to make the most of your reserved session to create picture-perfect memories you’ll never forget!

As you can see, Disney PhotoPass Service is worth a second look when it comes to planning your Walt Disney World vacation. Knowing that the whole family can hop in for an array of photo opportunities around property, Disney Memory Maker is definitely worth adding to your vacation budget. Don’t forget to keep these photo spot tips in mind!