The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the most iconic Walt Disney World rides ever. Its unique theming and ride experience makes it one of the top attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Whether the Tower of Terror is your favorite attraction, or one that you’ve been waiting to experience, you’ll love these four fun facts about the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Hotel Heights
Tower of Terror offers amazing views from the attraction! At 199 feet tall, it’s not surprising. Did you know that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, is the second tallest Walt Disney World attraction, behind Expedition Everest (199.5 feet tall) in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? If those heights seem specific, it’s because they are! Any structures 200 feet or taller require a red flashing aircraft beacon, and Disney didn’t want to have to stray from the theming of their attractions.

Hotels Around The Globe
Although the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror originated in Orlando at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the attraction has been duplicated around the world. In 2004, Disney California Adventure added their own Hollywood Tower Hotel. Two years later, Tokyo DisneySea made the towering addition to their park. In 2007, at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris, the most recent Tower of Terror building opened. Although DCA’s Tower of Terror has since been replaced by the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction – Mission: Breakout!, the other three locations still exist today.

Falling Fast
The main rush of the Tower of Terror is its randomized drop sequences. Guests never know what will happen next in this haunted elevator. Despite popular belief, your elevator isn’t dropping at the speed of gravity – it is falling faster. The attraction’s technology is pulling the vehicles up and down with speeds as fast as 39 miles per hour.

World Showcase Connection
Since the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is so tall, and Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are so close to each other, Imagineers realized that the thrill ride would be seen from areas of the World Showcase. To keep with the theming of the Moroccan skyline, Tower of Terror’s architecture was inspired by the colors and details of the existing Epcot pavilion. So if you’re standing in the Mexico pavilion and look across the lagoon to Morocco, keep an eye out for the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to this attraction than meets the eye. So next time you visit the Most Magical Place on Earth, make sure you take a stroll down Sunset Boulevard and drop by the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.