Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12 and in the spirit of motherly love Best of Orlando couldn’t help but think about our favorite Disney ® moms. From sweet and caring to tough and protective, here’s our list of famous Disney ® moms:

Bambi’s Mother – The death of Bambi’s mother was one of the saddest deaths in Disney ® history. You might still well up when you think about it and that’s because Bambi’s mom was everything a mom should be, sweet, loving, caring and protective. We instantly fell in love with Bambi’s mom because she felt like our own. Give your mom a hug after watching this one.

Mrs. Jumbo – Just like Bambi, Mrs. Jumbo would do anything to protect her son. In fact, she did when Dumbo was tortured by visitors to the circus. Defending her son from the bullies resulted in her being locked in a cage with the sign, “Caution! Mad Elephant!” on the front. Are hearts broke to watch her be locked away form her son and not able to defend him but eventually justice prevails and Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo are reunited at the end.

Evil Step Mom (Lady Tremaine) - Cinderella – She may not have been very nice to Cinderella but Cinderella’s Evil Step Mom did everything in her power to make sure her other daughters met and married Prince Charming. And in a way Cinderella’s meeting with Prince Charming is because of her evil step mom, right? Ok, ok so we’re still not on board with the evil step mom, but she is one of the most famous Disney mom’s out there, even if she is hated.

Elasti Girl – The Incredibles – She’s the classic stay-at-home mom who does it all. When the U.S. government banned Super Heroes, Elasti Girl tapped into her super mom powers and became a stay-at-home mom where on occasion she’ll use her rubber arms to grab kids and get things around the house done! She clearly runs the household, keeping her husband in check and she doesn’t hesitate to put on her super hero uniform to save her family from harm. It’s just another day in the life of a stay-at-home mom.

Queen Elinor - Brave – Mother’s and daughters especially understand the mother daughter relationship between these two seemingly different characters. The headstrong, rebellious tomboy Merida and refined and perfect Queen Elinor clash at every moment throughout the beginning of the film. Queen Elinor wants nothing but the absolute best for her daughter. And while she strict with her daughter at first, you can see the love that’s behind the badgering.

Perdita - 101 Dalmatians
– Some mother’s can’t imagine having more than 1, 2 or 3 children but can you imagine taking care of 99 and all of the trouble that comes with that many children? It really is hard to fathom but Perdita handled her brood with ease, even when they were almost kidnapped and turned into fur coats! Talk about mama bear, er dog!

Find Perdita and her pups at Disney’s All-Stars Resort. At this Disney World Value Resort, you’ll see a colossal Perdita, perfect for families to take pictures with mom. It’s an easy and convenient way to have a great Disney World vacation for mom, and show her you care by sharing some quality fun time together. That’s what mother’s truly want.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Orlando, FL – 05/10/13