Whether you’re interested in a Brown Ale, something with a little more hops like an IPA or a lighter flavor profile all together, you can find your beer of choice at SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food Festival. With over 70 different craft beers available, you’re sure to find your beer of choice. And if you need some help, here is a guide to where to find some of favorite selections:

Asian Market - Station #26
Sip on Sapporo, a rice Lager, featuring a highly-carbonated, mild, and crisp taste profile.

North Atlantic Market - Station #16
Kick back and relax with the White Marlin, a fruity and crisp Wheat Ale from Fort Pierce, FL.

Full Sail Brewery - Station #29
Enjoy fruity notes and medium bitterness with the Session Premium Ale

Motorworks Brewery - Station #27
For a more hoppy choice try the fruity Pulp Friction. This IPA has a high bitterness and herbal notes.

Sea Dog - Florida Beer - Tampa Bay Breweries - Station #36
Take a trip to Key West with the Key West Sunset Ale and discover delicious caramel notes.

Motorworks Brewery - Station #27
If you like your beer to be a bit more decadent enjoy the Brown Ale with a savory mix of chocolate notes and a nutty finish with Espresso Porter.

Set sail on a taste adventure with these, and many more beers now through May 5 during SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food and Wine Festival.