Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers one-of-a-kind experiences for guests and animal lovers from all over. From safaris and shows to attractions and more, you’ll be in awe over the array of animal-themed entertainment at this park! Today we’re sharing four feathered facts about UP! A Great Bird Adventure.

Memorable Opening Day
Opening a little over a year ago, UP! A Great Bird Adventure is still a fairly new show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This show debuted on April 22, 2018, which was an exciting opening day for a few reasons. First, April 22 is Earth Day which is a perfect day for animal attraction premiere! April 22, 2018 was also Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 20th anniversary. So, with the start of this next decade of the park, an all-new attraction also emerged.

UP Friends Featured
Like the attractions title suggests, UP! A Great Bird Adventure does feature characters from the famous Disney Pixar film! Both Dug and Russell are a part of the show, connecting Wilderness Explorers of all ages to the beauty of various bird species. This is actually the first Disney show that has featured Russell and Dug together, so it’s a pretty big deal for UP fans! If you’re looking for even more UP experiences, Kevin can also be found wandering around Discovery Island.

So Many Species
When it comes to showcasing beautiful species of birds, this show means business! Guests who attend UP! A Great Bird Adventure will experience 15 different species of birds. Some of the species you can expect to see include macaws, parrots, and toucans. The African Fish Eagle is also a part of the show, and this bird boasts a 7-foot wingspan!

It Takes Twenty
With so many species to take care of, one must wonder how many trainers it takes to prepare for a show like this. It took a total of 20 trainers and hours and hours of rehearsal to train these 15 species for the show. Even with all of the preparation, UP! A Great Bird Adventure is still a live show. Cast members are prepared to anticipate mistakes, making every show spectacular in its own way!

If you’re looking for a fun and line-free experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, don’t forget to add UP! A Great Bird Adventure to your park to do list. In addition to seeing Russell and Dug together in action, you’ll witness some pretty spectacular birds show off during this exciting show.