My family and I can’t wait to go to Magic Kingdom later this year to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen at Princess Fairytale Hall. But until then, I’ve come up with some unique Frozen Activities inspired by the film that will have my son hyped up for our next Walt Disney World vacation. The first activity is a fun little magic trick that will have some kids with their eyes wide open as a single touch of a finger instantly freezes water to ice, just like Elsa the Snow Queen. And do you want to build a snowman? Trust me, it doesn’t matter if it’s not winter. Find out how to create real instant snow and build a miniature snowman to decorate!

How it Works
It’s priceless to see your child’s face of astonishment. And the trick is easy to do; it just takes a little bit of preparation. Actually, both of these Frozen Activities work because of the same basic principal. It’s called Supercooling, which is a state where a liquid is below its natural freezing point, but remains in its liquid state. Then, all you need is a catalyst (a small piece of ice) to start a chain reaction and watch the liquid freeze over.

The best part about these activities is that you don’t need too many supplies and you might already have them at home. 

Elsa’s Magic Touch:
bottle of purified water
1 clear cup
Crushed ice
Space in your freezer

This Frozen Activity instantly freezes water with a touch of the finger just like Elsa the Snow Queen. 
Place two bottles of purified water flat in the freezer, making sure it doesn’t touch anything else directly. Set a timer for 2 hours and 15 minutes for 16.9 oz. bottles. Keep in mind, that your freezer temperature and brand of water can change the ideal supercooling time, so we suggest placing a few bottles in your freezer to maximize your chances of finding the correct time.

Place a few bottles in the freezer for Supercooling, so you have a couple of chances to succeed. 
Also, place more bottles thirty minutes later from the first batch, so if the first batch freezes over, then you know more or less when the second batch will be ready (earlier.) It could take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, so there’s a little bit of trial and error first. But if you use multiple bottles and a couple of starting points, you’ll figure out your ideal supercooling time. For best results, try to leave the freezer undisturbed, any bumps and jolts can also start the crystallization process. And even if you know what time works for you, it’s still good practice to use a few bottles and different start times, so if there’s any problem you have a fall back plan.

Once you have a supercooled bottle of water, carefully take it out of the freezer; don’t even flip it right-side up until it’s out of the freezer. Gently, open the cap. (TIP: you can actually open and break the seal before you put it in the freezer to make it easier later on.) Tilt a cup and slowly pour water. Then place your finger in small dish filled with crushed iced. The crushed iced has to be fresh and dry, so that it will easily stick to your finger. You just need to make sure at least that one tiny piece of ice remains on the tip of your finger; you can brush off the rest. Then gently touch the surface of the water and watch the frozen reaction begin! Plus the ice makes for a refreshing snack. Now, do you want to build a snowman?

Build a Snowman:

1 Bottle of water

1 Dinner plate

1 Carrot

1 Straw


A pair of googly eyes (optional)

Space in your freezer 

Build a snowman by creating instant snow with supercooled water and decorate it for a fun Frozen Activity for kids.

To build a snowman, first, grab a dish and pour just enough water to fill the surface. Place the dish in the freezer until the water is completely frozen over. Then, place bottles in your freezer to be supercooled. While you wait, grab some supplies to decorate your snowman. Cut the tip of a carrot for the nose, some straws for arms, and sprinkles for accessories. Googly eyes work too! Now, just pour the supercooled water directly on the icy plate to create instant snow! Mold your figure into your perfect snowman. Then, place the carrot on the figure and shower it with water to freeze it in place. Add the arms, eyes, and buttons, and you’re all set. One bottle can make a few, so don’t stop with just one. Now, over time, snowmen tend to melt or be crushed if you have an imaginative 4 year old, but keep the bottle handy, you might be able to build another snowman. So, be sure to have multiple accessories on hand, so your child can build a different snowman each time. 

For more fun, this trick also works with sports drinks, sodas, or you can add flavor enhancers to the water before you place it in the freezer and make a cool flavored slush when you turn it into ice, a tasty Frozen Summer treat. For sodas, you’ll need to shake the bottle vigorously before placing it in the freezer. For even more tips and trips, check out The King of Random.

Orlando, FL – 04/30/14

By: Alex Mateo