So, we wanted to share a cute and simple Frozen makeup tutorial that would be perfect for adding that extra magic when visiting Walt Disney World. And we wanted mothers and daughters to have the perfect matching look at theme parks, so when they go cheek to cheek in pictures; it will complete the Frozen Heart.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • A blue base
  • Shimmer (sparkly white works well)
  • White Acrylic Paint (or liquid or cream)
  • Rhinestones
  • Eyelash Adhesive
  • Glitter
  • Glitter primer
  • Brushes
  • Small rubber band

Start a simple braid on one side and tie it behind with small rubber band. This will open up the face, so you can apply the makeup.

Take the blue and apply a light base around the side of the face.

You apply the blue base, step 2 of the Frozen Heart Makeup Tutorial.

Now, add some shimmer throughout the blue base. Add it all over the side of the face, forehead, and eyelids.

You apply the shimmer, step 3 of the Frozen Heart Makeup Tutorial.

Next, take your white acrylic paint and start creating arches over the eye. Keep in mind that your design should resemble the shape of a half a heart. Start making straight lines coming from the corner of the eye, and web them together as if it was a unique snowflake. Fill the all available space with more arches. You can stack your snow flurries one on top of the other to create your masterpiece. Remember, every snowflake is unique, so let your imagination go and create your own snow-scape.

You apply the white acrylic paint, step 4 of the Frozen Heart Makeup Tutorial.

Take the end of your brush (or anything round like the end of a pen,) and dip it slightly on the eyelash adhesive, then dot the face to apply the glue. Here’s where you’ll add the rhinestones. This is also to your liking. Add as many or as little as you like, big or small. We got our rhinestone from our local crafts store.

You apply the rhinestones, step 5 of the Frozen Heart Makeup Tutorial.

Place some glitter primer on your hand and blend with your finger places on the face you’d like to have glitter. Then, take a brush and apply the glitter to those areas.

You apply the glitter, step 6 of the Frozen Heart Makeup Tutorial.

Now, your daughter is looking great. Next, do all the steps over again on yourself, but remember to choose the opposite side of the face, so when you go cheek to cheek, you’ll be able to create the Frozen heart.

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Matching Mother/Daughter Frozen Heart Makeup Tutorial is complete

Orlando, FL – 05/11/17

By: Alex Mateo