Frozen Ever After has become an Epcot must do from the moment the attraction first opened. Featuring your favorites from the iconic Disney film Frozen, guests can sing along to the familiar tunes from the movie all while enjoying a relaxing boat ride through Arendelle. Are you obsessed with Frozen Ever After? Here are five fun facts about this attraction!

Frozen Ever After was not the original attraction located inside of the Norway pavilion. Maelstrom, a boat ride all about Norway, was the first attraction to grace this pavilion! Although the previous attraction is now gone, there are still remnants throughout the attraction if you know where to look. For example, the very same boats and ride track were used again for Frozen Ever After!

Memorable Photo Spot
One addition to this attraction once it made the switch to Frozen Ever After was an on-ride photo. As you make your way down the final hill, strike a pose and look to your left because your picture is being taken! There’s no need to search for this photo outside after you get off the ride though. It will be automatically loaded to your My Disney Experience app thanks to your MagicBand!

It’s All In The Details
For this exciting new attraction, Disney brought back the original cast for voice recordings. Since some of the original song lyrics from Frozen needed to be altered for the story of the attraction, the film’s composers Bobby and Kristen Lopez returned to create the new lyrics as well! To keep the pavilion’s details authentic, Disney’s Imagineers also traveled to Norway to architectural inspiration, decor, and artifacts.

Advance Animatronics
When you ride this attraction, you’ll be stunned at how truly beautiful and life-like the audio animatronics are, and you’re not wrong! Frozen Ever After was the first attraction to install all-electric audio animatronics. At the time of opening, these were the most advanced audio animatronic figures to date! The new technology allows them to move more fluidly, adding even more magic to this attraction.

A Mix of Both Films
Although the majority of this attraction features scenes from the original Frozen film, there are details from the famous Frozen Fever short as well. When you find Marshmallow along your journey, you’ll also spot the cute mini snowmen from Frozen Fever! As the ride comes to an end, Olaf, Elsa, and Anna sing “In Summer” while the two sisters are dressed in their outfits from Frozen Fever. It’s nice to have touches of both films in this one attraction, and it will be interesting to see what additions may come in the future once Frozen 2 hits theaters later this year!

Frozen Ever After is a favorite among guests of all ages at Walt Disney World. Whether the movie is one of your favorites or you just have a major appreciation for amazing ride details, this attraction is one that every Epcot visitor should do at least once! So next time you board your boat to Arendelle, keep these five fun facts about Frozen Ever After in mind.