Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom ® is definitely a fan favorite but not everybody in your party may get the chance to glide through Laughing Place and down the giant waterfall through briar patch. The littlest of Disney ® fans, thanks to not being tall enough often have to sit this one out but thanks to the Laughing Place Play Area nearby now they can experience their own Splash Mountain fun!

Located in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom ® the Laughing Place Play Area is next to Splash Mountain. To find it head towards the exit of the ride. It is under the bridge for the Walt Disney World Railroad. This cute playground is designed for guests no taller than 40 inches. The main area looks like a room in the base of a tree, where characters from “Song of the South” live. Next door is a small house with a toddler slide and plenty of things to climb and clamor on. The design is very similar to what you see on the actual ride so kids will certainly feel like they are a part of the Splash Mountain fun!

It is not the biggest play area you’ll find in Walt Disney World ® and it certainly doesn’t have a thrilling splash pool like in the ride, The Laughing Place still has plenty of things to explore and is a great place for children to romp, play and get out all of that pent-up energy from standing in lines all day. 

If you are at the park with another adult The Laughing Place Play Area is also a great place to tag out and let one another ride Splash Mountain while the kids are occupied with slides and climbing. Or, if you just need a break from walking and waiting in line, stop here and give the kids some time to do what they do best.

If you’re looking for other play areas while in Magic Kingdom ® make sure you explore Tom Sawyer Island play area. This playground actually looks like a place where Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn’s imagination exploded as kids can climb aboard rafts just like in the ride across the Rivers of America and stand at the helm to steer or ring a bell.

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Orlando, FL - 03/10/14

Photo: Alex Mateo