Wouldn’t it be nice to marvel at Bejing’s Temple of Heaven, travel the cobblestone streets of the city of love and then enjoy pizza for dinner in Italy all in one day? Well now you can without stepping foot on an airplane or train on board the Segway tour at Disney’s Epcot ®! Guests on this high-tech adventure can embark on a journey around the world on one of the most unique ways to travel, by Segway! And when you do, you’ll explore all 11 of Epcot’s ® international pavilions for a 1.3 mile journey you won’t forget!

Your worldy adventure begins before the sun even comes up as you arrive at Epcot ® before the park is even open (8:30am, 9:00am, or 9:30am.) But before you begin your travels an expert instructor will teach you the basics of operating your Segway as well as some advanced techniques for those looking for a challenge. The expert will teach you how to safely handle various terrains as well as some common situations you may find yourself in during the tour. Thrill-seekers will certainly be able to test their Segway skills with tougher routes while those looking for a relaxing tour will enjoy easier routes for the day. Once you’re well-versed in Segway safety tips and information you’ll be off on a guided tour that takes you to the most gorgeous and landmarks and sites in the world.

As you ride your way through Epcot’s pavilions, you’ll enjoy the time-honored traditions of each of Epcot’s ® 11 countries including Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, United Kingdom and even the United States. A few of the many “sites” you may come across include the intricate mosaic tile work in Morocco, Mexico’s step pyramid, the “Seine” as you cross into Paris and take in the architecture of the late 1800s and much more.

And as if that wasn’t thrilling enough since the Segway Tour takes place before anybody else is in the park, guests will have the rare chance to explore Epcot’s ® World Showcase in such a way you might not be able to do during park hours. Make sure you snap photos and move around the area as much as you can before the crowds arrive!

But beware, just because you’ll be driving through the park doesn’t mean you won’t still be on your feet. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes like sneakers as you will still be walking the streets of Epcot ® for approximately 2 hours.

For the chance to explore the world’s most fascinating cities and sights by Segway, you’ll have to reserve your place at Epcot for this separately sold tour. But you’ll still need an Epcot ticket, so look for discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Best of Orlando.

Orlando, FL – 01/7/13