LEGOLAND Florida may be built for kids but mom and dad can enjoy some adult fun too. Here is a grown-up guide to the Orlando theme park:

Start Your Day With Relaxation
Every morning you intend to enjoy some relaxing time before the chaos of the day. It doesn’t always happen but when you visit LEGOLAND Water Park to start your day, it certainly will! Kick off your LEGOLAND adventure with a refreshing stop at LEGOLAND Water Park first thing in the morning. Make sure you snag a cabana or lounge chair so you can get to relaxing.

Know Where the Bathrooms Are Located
First things first - where are the potties? Once you get into LEGOLAND, you are going to want to scope out the bathroom situation. Knowing where the bathrooms are located ensures you can quickly make a stop and get back to the fun without aimlessly walking around the park to find one. The bathrooms are located right outside the turnstiles before you enter the theme park, inside Market Restaurant, inside MINILAND USA, by DUPLO® and inside LEGOLAND Water Park.

Rides With the Kiddos
As you settle into the park, it’s time to let the kids enjoy some of the kid-sized thrills. If you have an extra kiddo with you or you are just not up to riding, ask a Model Citizen if they will go with your child. Now you and your kids can enjoy the time spent at the park.

Tot Spots
Not every kiddo who comes to LEGOLAND Florida is tall enough to ride the rides. But fear not! LEGOLAND’s Tot Spots will ensure lots of fun for kids of any size, which in turn means fun for mom and dad. These soft play areas are built specifically for younger children and are located outside of a few of the park’s rides including The Great LEGO Race and Flying School. LEGOLAND also offers Baby Care Centers with individual changing and nursing areas, bottle warming stations and more.

Enjoy a Drink at Skyline Lounge or Bricks Beach Bar
You’ve done everything your kids have wanted to do all day long. Now it’s time to enjoy a little of your own fun with a drink at either Skyline Lounge or Bricks Beach Bar. Let one of LEGOLAND’s Model Citizens pour you a cold one while your kids play on a giant LEGO Castle or take a swim in the zero depth entry pool.