Fun Spot America is about to blow your mind, or shall we say mine. Coming to the Kissimmee park this summer is the new hybrid coaster made of both of wood and steel and appropriately called the Mine Blower. Best of Orlando recently had the chance to learn more about the new coaster and what we discovered was, well mine blowing!

Mine Blower is the all-new thrill ride to hit Fun Spot America

We brought along our camera crew to help us capture the size and intensity of the newest Orlando thrill ride. The video lets you see just how massive the ride will be as well as a look at how it has incorporated both steel and wood into the design. The ride will have a gold mine theme to it that will of course, be blown up, as you careen through the many twists and turns. Now let’s get into the details of the thrills. 

Mine Blower will be HUGE! With 2,289 feet of track

Mine Blower has a track length of 2,289 feet and a lift hill height of 83 feet. It wastes no time getting you to scream with a 360-degree barrel roll to start. There are also several banked turns including one 115-degree inversion bank, which is the first of its kind on a wooden roller coaster. The ride will get your heart pumping with two tunnels, an airtime of 12 minutes, top speed of 49 miles per hour, Zero-G inversion and many more thrills. 

Parking and admission is always free at Fun Spot America but we should note that if you want to take a ride on the new Mine Blower this summer or enjoy any of the other thrill rides and attractions at Fun Spot America, you will need an armband. Best of Orlando is the place to get the best discount on the armband, so you can enjoy happy riding!

Kissimmee, FL – 6/14/17

By: Jena Pugh