KareKare Curl, Aquatica’s newest attraction will soon be offering new thrills and splashes because thehe park’s newest slide ride officially opens April 12. Next week, Aquatica will begin filling the ride with water and fine-tuning the slide’s water flow to deliver the optimum slide experience for its opening date.

The new water slide sends riders careening down a snaking tube, before shooting up a vertical, zero-g wall. KareKare means “waves” in the Maori language and when combined with “Curl” meaning in a curled shape, this new ride offers a “curve shaped wave,” which riders will definitely experience when climbing the vertical wave wall. Holding two passengers at a time, the new slide ride delivers a high-adrenaline, weightless adventure. 

"With the addition of KareKare Curl, Aquatica Orlando will become the thrill leader among Florida waterparks, with more high thrill rides than any other," SeaWorld said in a statement.

The debut of KareKare Curl signals the second year in a row that Aquatica Orlando has unveiled a new attraction. Ray Rush, the park’s newest attraction, which was recently named the world’s best new water ride in a nationwide poll, opened last year.

KareKare Curl will be located right beside the park’s two wave pools. Stay tuned for opening day details.