SeaWorld Orlando’s newest thrill experience, Kraken Unleashed, will officially open on June 16. Adding virtual reality to one of SeaWorld’s original roller coasters, Kraken Unleashed will take riders deep underwater as they face gigantic sea creatures including the mighty Kraken. Using fully integrated headsets, the ride now has an added thrill actor making it the perfect ride for the start of your summer vacation.

Experience Kraken Unleashed at SeaWorld Orlando on June 16

“Summer at SeaWorld has never been better,” said Jim Dean, Park President, SeaWorld Orlando. “The debut of Kraken Unleashed means there is a new thrill leader in town. In addition to Orlando’s tallest and fastest coaster, Mako, and the destination’s only flying coaster, Manta, we now have this new technology for a virtual reality experience that takes SeaWorld to a whole new level of excitement.” 

Also coming to the park this summer is the addition of Electric Ocean, an all-new nighttime celebration full of light, fun and even a live DJ. Your night will also now culminate in a fantastic nightly firework and laser display, which will cap your day at the park. 

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Orlando, FL – 6/15/17

By: Jose Triana