As you walk through Cinderella Castle, you enter a world of fantasy, and there’s truly more than meets the eye in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. Disney Imagineers are famous for leaving extra details or “Easter Eggs” for guests to hunt while visiting Disney Parks and Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom is home to quite a few notable ones. Here are five hidden gems to find around Fantasyland on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

The Little Nautilus
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea was a flagship attraction in Fantasyland, opening only two weeks after the park made its debut in 1971. Although these submarines stopped exploring for good in the 1990s, Disney Imagineers were sure to include a tribute to the attraction when repurposing the area into the New Fantasyland that we enjoy today.

While waiting in the standby line for Under the Sea ~ Voyage of the Little Mermaid, keep your eyes peeled for a Nautilus carved into the rockwork. A similar carving can also be found in front of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, inside of the big tree at the attraction’s entrance!

Not Just Numbers
When it comes to Disney, no number or small detail is random! There are hidden meanings behind each one, whether it be special to that Imagineer or just the parks. Storybook Circus in Fantasyland has a great example of this kind of numerical magic hidden in plain sight. If you venture over to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, be sure to keep walking toward the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station.

Each of the circus carts in this area are numbered, but what do these numbers mean? They each represent an opening year for the four Walt Disney World theme parks! The elephant cart is number 71, in honor of Magic Kingdom’s opening year. The clown cart is number 82 in honor of Epcot’s opening year. The giraffe cart is number 89 in honor of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ opening year, and the camel cart is number 98 in honor of Animal Kingdom’s opening year.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures
With the updates to Fantasyland a few years ago, Snow White’s Scary Adventures was shuttered and replaced with a new royalty meet and greet area, Princess Fairytale Hall. Although this opening day attraction that paid tribute to the original Disney princess was scrapped, elements of the attraction live on in the ever-popular Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

At the beginning of the attraction, the creepy vultures lurking above the mine train are repurposed from Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Once again, as your prepare to exit the attraction, peer into the cottage scene! Most of the dwarf animatronics, as well as the critters in the cabin, were all repurposed from the original attraction as well.

Always Look Up
When you’re looking for hidden gems and Easter Eggs in the Disney Parks, don’t be afraid to look up! Right before you exit Fantasyland and enter Liberty Square, you’ll find the most beautiful bathroom area in all of Walt Disney World, themed after the film Tangled. From hidden Pascals to other subtle movie touches like Flynn’s satchel, there is a lot of detail to take in near these restrooms.

The magic doesn’t stop once you step into the bathrooms, though. As you enter the women’s restroom, you’ll find beautiful murals on the wall and ceiling, thanks to Rapunzel! As you exit the restroom, be sure to look up when you’re in the sink area – this is where Rapunzel keeps all her paint supplies on a shelf. It’s little details like these that help to transport us to another place when we’re in the Disney parks.

Willie the Giant
Easter Eggs aren’t confined to only attractions in the Disney Parks. Secret details can pop up when you least expect them to. This next hidden detail is located within a shop in Fantasyland called Sir Mickey’s. From the beanstalks growing outside to the detailed window decorations, it’s clear that this shop has a special story to tell!

As you shop for your favorite Disney finds, take in all of the details within the store as well. You may find by searching high and low you’ll spot Willie the Giant peeping into the shop! This giant detail is something that you may not spot on your first visit, but once you’ve found Willie you can’t help but notice him raising the roof at Sir Mickey’s boutique.

When it comes to theming and detail, the Disney parks just can’t be beat. With so many creative Imagineers adding hidden gems for us within these parks, there will always be new Easter Eggs to search for at the Most Magical Place on Earth. So next time to you step foot into Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, don’t forget to look around for these hidden details!