Happy May the 4th! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the special Star Wars-themed day, look no further than Walt Disney World. The Orlando theme park is full of intergalactic fun from sightings of Darth Vader to creating your own lightsaber, rides throughout the galaxy and even out-of-this-world themed treats. Let’s take a look at a few ways to celebrate May the 4th at Walt Disney World:

Character Sightings
The best place to experience all things Star Wars is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will immerse you in the complete Star Wars series, including the many loveable and unlovable characters. If you hang out long enough you are bound to run into a Stormtrooper or two and even Darth Vader or Kylo Ren. On occasion Chewbacca has even been spotted! Make sure to have your cameras ready, especially on May the 4th. Who knows who will show up.

Build Your Own Lightsaber
If you’re looking for a way to fight off Ren and Vader head over to Black Spire Outpost where a group known as the “Gatherers invites you into  Savi’s Workshop - Handbuilt Light Sabers. With some guidance you can create your very own lightsaber. Choose from four different themes including Peace and Justice, Power and COntrol, Elemental Nature, and Protection and Defense. Then select the heart of your lightsaber - the kyber crystal, available in red, blue, green or violet.

Make a Droid
Speaking of creating your own Star Wars memorabilia, make sure to stop by Droid Depot and create your very own BB-series or R-series. The unique and fun process offers a selection of colorful parts to customize your droid as they roll by on a conveyor belt.

Take a Trip to a Galaxy Far, Far Away
You can’t visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios without taking a ride on one of the many intergalactic adventures. The park offers up two ways to step into the galaxy. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run lets fans actually fly the Millenium Falcon on an interactive smuggling mission. Meanwhile, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is recruiting for The Resistance and needs your help. The massive attraction offers multiple ride systems that will take you up against the First Order, stormtroopers and even Kylo Ren. Fortunately, riders will run into a covert team of Resistance fighters, who give you a fighting chance to escape. The result is a never-before seen ride you won’t soon forget.



Out of This World Treats
A Disney celebration isn’t a Disney celebration without somet sweet treats. This May the 4th make sure you snag get your fill of tasty offerings including some old and new favorites like:

  • Ishi Tib-style Pasta with Braised Beef Bantha: Beef pot roast, coconut curry sauce, pasta, and mixed vegetables (New)

  • Vintian Mineral Mousse: Banana brûlée-centered dark chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse, vanilla chantilly, chocolate crumble, and cherry garnish

  • Outpost Mix: Colorful blend of seasonal flavors including caramel and chocolate-glazed popcorn

  • Shaak Cheese Popped Grains: white cheddar flavored popcorn

  • Chocolate Chip Sweet-Sand Cookie: Chocolate chip-toffee cookie topped with pistachios and sea salt (New)

  • Blue Milk – Mon Cala Swirl: Blue Milk with blue mango sour jellies topped with a sour shimmery mango gel (New)

  • Novelty: Bubo Wamba Family Farms Cup (New)

  • Five-blossom Bread: Warm pretzel knot with Hawaiian black sea salt served with honey-mustard cream foam and Calabrian cheese sauce (New)

  • Fondor Fizz: Toniray Teal Chardonnay, Tito’s Vodka, and Joffrey’s White Tea with flavors of lemongrass and pea flower citrus (New)

  • Sesid Seltzer: Tropical Pineapple-Orange Hard Seltzer (New)

  • Black Squadron Lager – Golden Lager with a touch of Honey (New)

  • Sullust Garlic Chips: Mix of Buffalo and White Cheddar-flavored Garlic Chips