Since Disney ® began making the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Walt Disney World ® guests have noticed a few changes and additions to the popular ride of the same name at Magic Kingdom ®. As each movie was released, Pirates of the Caribbean the ride underwent a transformation to include new characters and scenes. 

It started with the addition of Captain Jack Sparrow at the end of the ride. Then Barbosa, Davy Jones and Blackbeard were added. In 2012 Walt Disney World ® paid tribute to the latest installment of the franchise – On Stranger Tides with the addition of the lovely yet dangerous Mermaids of Whitecap Bay. 

You can spot the mermaids in the grotto scene just after you ride through the mystical fog at the beginning of the attraction. The mythical creatures will be on your left but if you don’t immediately see them you will definitely hear them serenade you with their gorgeous voice. Once you hear the song look to the water and you’ll see several swimming in the seas below. Up on the shore you’ll see the famous beach scene from the film and see even more mermaids, including a skeleton of one of the lovely mermaids!

As lovely as they are, these sea creatures have a malicious plan in mind for you and your boat. The siren’s song will beckon you closer until you suddenly enter the drop in the ride and come in contact with the pirate battle scene.  But that’s not the end of the mermaids. As you ride along there is a good chance they will reappear, swimming alongside your boat.

Disney ® used a new projection effect to make it appear as if the mermaids are in the water. The projection effect is accompanied by a physical effect that pushes water up to simulate the mermaid’s fin moving just beneath the water’s surface. The results are very real looking mermaids who look as if they are really swimming in the waters below your boat. 

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Orlando, FL – 09/11/12