SeaWorld Orlando is in the business of rescuing animals, and one of their recent rescues is a green iguana named Moonbeam.

Found in a community playground in Central Florida, Moonbeam was injured and malnourished. His species is not native to Florida so it is suspected that he was either an escaped or released pet. SeaWorld Orlando was contacted to pick him up and now he has found his current home at the Orlando theme park.

Here are some fun facts about Moonbeam and Green iguanas:
Moonbeam was named by the kids at the daycare center where he was found.
Green iguana’s tongue is used for sensing things. Moonbeam tastes everything. It’s his way of processing information.
The long flap that hangs for his neck is called a Dulap. It is used as a territorial display as well as a big solar panel to absorb heat.
Although they look fierce, Green iguanas are strictly vegetarian, eating only fruits, vegetables, flowers.
Moonbeam is not yet full grown. He will be about 6-feet from tip of snout to tip of tail.
Unlike a chameleon, Green iguanas change colors seasonally.

To get a look at Moonbeam, check out SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Ambassadors Up-Close Tour. The exclusive experience takes you behind-the-scenes to meet SeaWorld’s keepers and a variety of rescued animals in their care, including Moonbeam!

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