There’s something there that wasn’t there before! Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is home to the all-new Enchanted Rose lounge, inspired by the Disney live-action film, Beauty and the Beast. The magic and romance of the classic Disney tale come to life in the lounge’s four unique gathering spaces! 

The main bar features a gorgeous gold chandelier, inspired by Belle’s iconic ballgown from the film. The garden room finds inspiration from the enchanted forest that surrounds the castle, and the outdoor patio area will remind you of the Beast’s garden terrace. The library features French furnishings and a classical baroque design.

No lounge would be complete without drinks and bites, so the Enchanted Rose offers a variety of options. From white sturgeon caviar to house-made flatbread and short rib sliders, you’ll say “ooh la la” when you see what delicious things are in store. As for drinks, guests can order beer, champagne, cider, and tableside cocktails. The lounge features a library of wines, so you’re sure to find the perfect sip to help savor your appetizers.

Did you know there are stories that inspire two of the Enchanted Rose’s cocktails? The Amour cocktail is inspired by a story of love, and is made with vodka featuring hints of citrus, flowers, and pear. The Envie cocktail is inspired by a story of envy, made with apple brandy, bitters, and herbs for a potent taste.

If you’re looking for drinks for all ages, Enchanted Rose offers a few mocktail options as well. The Garden Spritzer is made with lime, agave, soda, and a non-alcoholic spirit. The Rosemary Cooler is made with vanilla, rosemary, and lemonade. Lastly the B&B is made with blueberry, basil, lemon, and iced tea!

The Enchanted Rose is officially open, so what are you waiting for? Hop on the monorail and pay a visit to the newest lounge inspired by Beauty and the Beast at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa!