An all-new original haunted house has been announced for this year's Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios Florida. Nightingales: Blood Pit will transport you back to ancient Rome, where you will encounter terrifying creatures known as the nightingales.

The story for Nightingales: Blood Pit has us traveling to ancient Rome, where a severe drought has taken much of the land. The awful emperor has declared that the gladiatorial games will continue nonstop until the rains have returned. The games cause gruesome bloodshed, which is horrifying enough — but then the creatures come.

The nightingales are known to only venture out to feed on the dead and dying. They're a grisly race of creatures that have been around since time began, coming out to feast when blood soaks the earth. This terrifying new maze will have you encountering feeding frenzies more horrific than anything you've ever seen. If you can survive along with the gladiators, you'll still need to escape the ravenous nightingales, to make it out yourself.

Fans of past Halloween Horror Nights events may remember the nightingales from another original house, called "Blood Prey," back in 2011. These fan-favorite creatures are returning for the first time since then in this all-new story for 2019.

Nightingales: Blood Pit joins the already announced return of Stranger Things this year. The Stranger Things maze will feature events and characters from both season two and three of the hit Netflix series, including the upside-down and the Demogorgon.

Prepare to come face-to-face with the nightingales when Halloween Horror Nights returns on Friday, September 6th. This year's event will feature 10 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, live entertainment and more. It's the world's premier Halloween event, and you don't want to miss it! Stay tuned for more details.