As part of Epcot's re-imagining for the 40th Anniversary in 2022, The American Adventure Pavilion is getting a new and much needed refresh with a brand-new restaurant! Replacing Liberty Inn, best known for its burgers and fries, the Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue is set to open this winter in Epcot's World Showcase, bringing with it an offering of American Craft Beers and a variety of Barbecue.

Complete with a "pit master" this new restaurant uses techniques from classic barbecue regions in the U.S. and smokes selections over oak wood. Think backyard barbecue, done by the professionals. 

Regal Eagle Smokehouse House Barbecue Sauces
This new BBQ restaurant will be all about the sauces. With some rich flavors to choose from, plan on finding not only the perfect sauce for your meal but the perfect draft or cider to go with it:
Spicy Mop Sauce – inspired by Texas-style “mop” this thin glaze barbecue usually has stock, vinegar, Worcestershire, and spices like salt, pepper, and garlic included.
Sweet BBQ Sauce – inspired by classic dry rub seasonings made with brown sugars, molasses and tomato.
Vinegar-based Sauce – inspired by North Carolina’s tradition of vinegar and pepper combining spices like cayenne, black pepper, crushed red pepper, and hot sauce.
Tangy Mustard Sauce – often referred to as “Carolina Gold” is thinned with vinegar and added spices for a zingy flavor.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Craft Drafts
A variety of craft beers, ciders and wines are on the menu here. Guests can head to the outdoor bar for craft brews on tap and lounge in the outdoor seating area at American Adventure Pavilion.  There will also be a Tennessee Lemonade Cocktail and a Berry Sparkler (non-alcoholic) available to top off the meal.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Barbecue
Meals are quick serve and able to be served alone or as part of a platter. A variety of sides are available; french fries, beer-battered onion rings, mac and cheese, baked beans with burnt ends, house-made pickles, or creamy slaw.
Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich made with house-made spicy mop sauce on garlic toast.
South Carolina smoked sausage sandwich with tangy mustard sauce and caramelized onions.
Kansas City smoked chicken Memphis dry-rub pork ribs served with Texas Toast and a side of onion rings.
North Carolina chopped smoked pork butt.
Power Greens Salad with chilled pulled chicken, fresh citrus, and a citrus vinaigrette.
All-American Grilled Burger topped with BBQ pork and a fried onion ring.
Plant-based BBQ burger featuring a plant-based patty topped with BBQ jackfruit served on vegan garlic toast.

Kids Menu
Kids can pick lighter BBQ fare served with a choice of two sides, and a variety of Coca Cola beverages are also at the ready.
Classic Burger
BBQ chicken salad,
BBQ chicken leg or chicken salad,
BBQ rib platter

Serving something classic and sweet these quick serve desserts are a perfect BBQ accompaniment: 
Banana pudding
S’mores brownie
Cup of fresh watermelon garnished with torn mint

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Craft Drafts & Barbecue
Surely heaven for any lover of barbecue, we're excited to see the creative lineup of new dishes at Regal Eagle Smokehouse. This new restaurant will surely solidify the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot World Showcase as a lunch destination for the masses. 

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