Do you know what’s just as fun as riding Universal Orlando’s spectacular thrill rides and watching its phenomenal shows? Learning about the park’s little known facts! Here are a few fun facts you never knew about Universal Orlando Resort:

Universal Studios Florida

  • Take notice at Universal Studio’s many buildings and facades the next time you walk the park’s streets. Some of them may look familiar as they are modeled after sets from famous movies and television shows, including “Pretty Woman,” “The Godfather” and “The Cosby Show.”
  • There’s a reason Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is one of the most exciting rides at Universal, it features three of the world’s first ever maneuvers including the Double Take (the world’s largest non-inverted loop), the Treble Clef and the Jump Cut (a spiraling negative-gravity move).
  • The next time you’re on The Simpsons Ride be on the look out for the 24 recognizable characters from the show, all of which are voiced by the original actors.
  • You can’t say you haven’t been warned when you ride Revenge of the Mummy. Many of the Egyptian hieroglyphics written on the walls of the ride spell out real words and warnings.
  • The original cast and creative team of the hit film Shrek came together to produce the popular attraction Shrek 4-D, making it the first time a film crew has united to produce an attraction based on an animated film.
  • Doc Brown from Back to the Future makes an appearance in the The Simpsons Ride queue video. Speaking of which, the queue video at the Simpsons ride is the funniest queue entertainment in Orlando.
  • And speaking of Back to the Future, in homage to the Simpsons Ride, Comic Book Guy is wearing Marty's futuristic jacket from 2015 from Back to the Future Part II.
  • Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster is the first roller coaster ever constructed at Universal Orlando Resort.
  • If you want to rack up the most points on Men in Black all you have to do is find the censor that gives 100,000 and 999,999 points. But once you find it doesn’t mean you’ll hit it. Neither censor has ever been hit before.
  • Horror Makeup is one of few attractions in the park that has not been completely overhauled since 1990.


Universal's Islands of Adventure



  • The 85-foot plunge at the end of Jurassic Park River Adventure is the longest water descent ever built.


  • For the first time in theme park history, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man combined moving, motion based platform ride vehicles, 3-D film and live action in one revolutionary ride and the ride just took 3D to the next level with a new makeover.
  • Dr. Seuss never drew straight lines in his illustrations; everything was curved, slanted or “wonky” so there are no straight lines in Seuss Landing.
  • At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Hogwarts Express train is an exact replica of the famous locomotive from the Harry Potter movies.