One of Magic Kingdom’s most thrilling E-Ticket attractions takes you straight to outer space! Space Mountain in Tomorrowland is a pretty special attraction in Disney parks history, and today we’re sharing five fun facts about this coaster.

A Decade of Dreaming
Did you know Walt Disney thought up the idea for this attraction over a decade before it came to be? The idea for this attraction was inspired by Walt’s fascination with space and the need to add more thrill attractions to his parks. Why did this attraction idea take so long to finally create? The innovative idea required more advanced technology than what was currently offered at the time. Walt Disney passed away in 1966, but the attraction wouldn’t open until almost a decade later in 1975. Although he never got to see this dream attraction of his brought to life, his innovative ideas and forward thinking lived on and created the ride we know and love today!

Roller Coaster of Firsts
It’s only fitting that this attraction ended up in Tomorrowland because its ambitious design was the first of its kind in a few ways within the roller coaster industry! Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain was the first Space Mountain attraction built within a Disney park. This attraction also holds the title of the very first roller coaster built entirely indoors. Lastly, Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain is also the first roller coaster to be controlled by computers! This attraction may seem dated all these decades later, but when it opened in Tomorrowland Space Mountain was really paving the way for future roller coasters.

Costly Coaster
Such innovative technology will come at a hefty price tag! When Walt Disney opened Disneyland back in 1955, the total spent to complete this park was $17 million. Surprisingly only two decades later one roller coaster attraction would beat the entire park out in cost by a full million dollars. You guessed it -- Space Mountain! Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain complex required a total investment of $18 million dollars. When you take into consideration that this one attraction was more expensive than the entire Disneyland theme park, it’s pretty apparent that Space Mountain required some expensive technology to bring it to life!

Sneak Peek Views
One ride in Tomorrowland offers guests of any age a sneak peek into the mystery that is Space Mountain! While riding on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, you’ll make your way inside the Space Mountain complex. Although you’ll be in complete darkness, once your eyes adjust you can see spaceships zoom by and hear the many sounds of this almost 45-year-old attraction. Since this attraction is older, it tends to break down from time to time. For some lucky Transit Authority riders, this means you may get to see the attraction with its lights completely on if this is the case.

One of Five
Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain paved the way for future Space Mountain-themed attractions in the other Disney parks around the globe. Five of the six Disney resort around the world have their own versions of this iconic attraction. Disneyland in Anaheim, California opened their Space Mountain only two years later in 1977. Next, Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 with Space Mountain as one of its opening day attraction in Tomorrowland! Disneyland Paris’ Space Mountain-themed attraction debuted in 1995, is the only version located in Discoveryland instead of Tomorrowland and is truly one of a kind. The newest Space Mountain attraction can be found at Hong Kong Disneyland and opened in 2005.

Space Mountain represents what Walt Disney was all about -- innovation and embracing the new frontier! His spirit lives on in this attraction and the many additional attractions that were made possible thanks to the progress that Space Mountain created for the roller coaster industry. So next time you make your way to the Magic Kingdom, don’t forget to take a ride into outer space on Space Mountain!