HHN27 Trivia

We’re so excited we could scream! BestofOrlando.com is counting down the days until opening day of Halloween Horror Nights 2017 at Universal Orlando Resort with a whole slew of #HHN27 prizes. Play #27DaysofHHN27 Tricky Trivia and you can win spooky swag and tickets to the big event.  

How to play: Register below, and tell us the answer to our daily trivia question, and you will be entered to win a Halloween Horror Nights 2017 swag bag. We’ll be drawing a winner every Friday, starting August 25, so you will get four chances to win!

Bonus: If you get a friend to enter, you'll be entered to win two tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 2017. The more friends you get to enter, the more times you get entered to win our grand prize. The winner of the two tickets will be drawn on opening day of the event, September 15.

Here are the answers to Week 1’s trivia questions. Did you get them all?

Q:  When does the Halloween Horror Nights event start:
A:  Friday, September 15.

Q:  How many haunted houses will this year’s event have?
A:  Nine

Q:  What is the name of the outrageous live show that pokes fun at pop culture?
A:  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

Q:  What was the original name of the Halloween Horror Nights Event?
A:   Fright Nights

Q:  Which critically acclaimed television series on FX is returning to life as a haunted house at Universal Orlando Resort?
A:  American Horror Story

Q: In what city is American Horror Story: Coven set in?
A: New Orleans

Q: What is the name of the fictional mental institution in 'American Horror Story: Asylum'?
A: Briarcliff Manor

Q: What is the name of the half-animal, half-man killer in 'American Horror Story: Roanoke'?
A: Piggy Man

Q: What is the name of the hotel in ‘The Shining'?
A: The Overlook Hotel

DAY 10
Q: What STARZ original series blurs the lines between horror and comedy and is a new haunted maze at Halloween Horror Nights?
A: 'Ash vs Evil Dead’

DAY 11
Q: The ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ maze at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights will transport guests into the town of Elk Grove, Mich., where they will encounter people or objects possessed by evil demons. What are they called?
A: Deadites

DAY 12
Q: The ‘SAW’ series – one of the highest grossing horror film franchises of all time – makes its return to Halloween Horror Nights, bringing the blockbuster’s most terrifying traps to life in an all-new original maze. What is the name of the main mastermind in the ‘Saw’ movie franchise?
A: John Kramer aka Jigsaw

DAY 13
Q: Based on the Lionsgate hit horror film franchise, SAW: The Games of Jigsaw at Halloween Horror Nights will bring to life the scariest game yet. What is the name of the puppet used by Jigsaw to communicate with his victims?
A:  Billy

DAY 14
Q:  Lionsgate’s horror blockbuster franchise SAW will set the ultimate trap at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights with a twisted new maze based on the iconic games of Jigsaw. How many feature films are in the SAW series?
A:  8

DAY 15
Q:  How many years running has Halloween Horror Nights won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Halloween Event?
A:  9 

DAY 16
Q:  Which Universal Orlando theme park does Halloween Horror Nights take place in?
A:  Universal Studios Florida

DAY 17
Q:  How many scare zones will this year’s event have?
A:  5

DAY 18
Q:  Which unique scare zone will feature characters based on iconic horror films and terrifying television shows?
A:  Altars of Horror

DAY 19
Q:  Which live show is coming back for its second consecutive year, incorporating elements from the Festival of the Deadliest scare zone?
A:  Academy of Villains: Afterlife

DAY 20
Q:  For the first time ever, the psychological horror film, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, will bring unspeakable terror to Halloween Horror Nights. What famous phrase is written in red lipstick on the bedroom door?

DAY 21
Q:  Nightmarish visions will come to life in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining maze. What is the last name of the deceased twin girls who appear in the hotel?
A:  The Grady Twins

DAY 22
Q: Complete the quote from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining: “All work and no play makes __________”
A:  Jack a dull boy.

DAY 23
Q:  Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining will make its haunting debut at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights this September. While venturing through the eerie Overlook Hotel, guests will be thrust into the hotel’s tragic history of murder and madness. What room number is the caretaker’s family warned to stay away from?
A:  Room 237

DAY 24
Q:  What is the final day to experience Halloween Horror Nights 2017?
A:  November 4, 2017

DAY 25
Q:  What Universal Orlando original haunted house is home to a nest of bloodthirsty vampires?”
A:  The Hive

DAY 26
Q:  What Halloween Horror Nights maze can you experience multiple horror movies at once?
A:  Blumhouse

DAY 27
Q:  What date does Halloween Horror Nights open?
A:  September 15, 2017, of course!

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