Rush into Aquatica, SeaWorld Orlando’s water park this Saturday, May 12, 2018 for the grand opening of the new water slide Ray Rush.

The family raft ride is a new water adventure unlike any you’ve experienced at a water park before. The attraction offers three different ways to slide, splash and soar through the slide beginning with water jets that launch you from the 60-foot high platform. Just as you recover from that thrill, you’ll find yourself twisting and spinning inside a water sphere. Finally, you’ll slide through a ray-inspired open air half-pipe for a thrilling finish.

The half-pipe “is going to be the centerpiece of the whole ride, and really just provide that thrill sensation, the big wow factor,” David Heaton, Aquatica’s vice president, said in a statement earlier this year.

Ray Rush has a 42-inch height requirement and accommodates four guests at a time.

It replaced Hoodoo Run, a straight-line slide that was taken down last year. It shares a loading platform with Walhalla Wave, which recently reopened after Ray Rush construction had it closed.

It is the first major addition to Aquatica since Ihu’s Breakaway Falls opened in 2015. But it is not the last. Ray Rush is one of two water rides opening at SeaWorld Orlando this year. Infinity Falls, a river raft ride that will feature the tallest drop of its kind, will open sometime this summer at SeaWorld’s main park.

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