You’ve likely visited an Orlando theme park in the winter or some other fun outdoor attraction in Orlando, but have you considered an Orlando water park? The thought might sound ludacris (and chilly) but hear us out. Heated pools, lower wait times, 70 degree weather. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Those are just a few of the reasons why hopping in a pool in winter in Orlando is an excellent idea. If you’re not convinced here are some more reasons why you should water park in winter in Orlando:

1. Heated Pools - One of the #1 top reason to visit an Orlando water park in the winter is because the pools are usually well heated! Most Walt Disney World pools as well as LEGOLAND Florida pools, Aquatica pools, Discovery Cove pools (with the exception of the Grand Reef and Dolphin area which needs to be colder for the habitat), Adventure Island pools and the pools at Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Florida all welcome guests with warm waters and tons of fun in the winter. 

2. The Weather isn’t too cold - Sure, we definitely get our cold days, but overall winter in Orlando isn’t what you experience up north. In fact, some might say the city offers ideal temps. It’s not uncommon to be 70 degrees in the winter in Orlando, which for those northerners is down right hot! Plus, even if you think 70 is chilly, with the pools heated you won’t feel cold. 

3. Lower Wait Time - While we think going to an Orlando water park in the winter is a unique and fun experience. Not everybody takes advantage. This means wait times are usually much shorter than you’d find in the hotter summer months. Take advantage of this and book your water park stay now. Once the spring hits, wait times will steadily increase and by summer the parks are packed with Floridians and visitors alike desperate to get into cool water.

4. New attractions open - Reef Plunge is opening at Aquatica Orlando this Spring Break 2022. This new water slide is 330 feet above Aquatica where riders splash through clear tubes through a underwater habitat that includes Commerson’s Dolphins! Visiting an Orlando theme park in the winter means you get a jump on all of the new fun the park might have to offer. For example, this winter, LEGOLAND Florida will welcome Peppa Pig Theme park on February 24. While not technically at the water park, guests can save up to 15% on LEGOLAND Florida tickets and add the water park for just $25. Also in February, SeaWorld Orlando will freeze out guests with the new roller coaster, Ice Breaker. If you’re planning a visit to Aquatica make sure to add on a stay at SeaWorld Orlando to see this newest thrill. 

5. Special Deals - Because it’s not the most popular time to visit a water park, some Orlando water parks offer some great deals in the winter. Aquatica for example is currently offering over $35 day savings on date-specific tickets and Florida residents can save 20% at Discovery Cove